Look Good, Feel Good: Spotlight on Individual Fashion

Whether on the way to class or off to a night out, Claremont students are consistently dressed to impress. Many view fashion as a means of self-expression, and Joseph Reynolds PO ’15, a dance major from Brooklyn,
N.Y., is no exception. He is a prominent figure on Pomona’s campus: You can spot him in the
studio, on stage with his improv-comedy troupe Without a Box or as
ASPC’s Commissioner of Clubs. In his spare time he likes to binge on programming from the Food Network. 

TSL: How would
you describe your personal style?

Joseph Reynolds: I would
describe my personal style as a combination of fun and sleek, simply because I
have a lot of nice, tailored pants that I wore during my summer internship
working in the finance world. Now that I’m back at school I try to incorporate
these tailored pieces into outfits that are school and weather appropriate.
It’s been really exciting to try and combine these nice dress pants with fun, thrift-shop finds. It’s helped me to create a look that is all my own and
speaks to my personality.

TSL: Who or what are your
greatest style inspirations?

JR: Color is my biggest
inspiration; when I go shopping I’m always looking for specific colors. For me, colors come first, and then type of clothing, material, style are all secondary.
I even organize my closet by color! So all of my clothing is sorted by color
and then organized by type. For example, the spectrum of color would range from
red to purple but is then sub-categorized into red long-sleeved shirts and
then red short-sleeved shirts, etc. I love having options, and I think have a
variety of color in my wardrobe allows me to play with and have fun styling outfits.

TSL: If you could, who would you trade closets with?

JR: This is tough; I’m
really influenced by music, as I spend a lot of time on SoundCloud scoping out
new tracks, and I often come across DJs with cool looks on their cover art or
profiles. I guess SoundCloud could be seen as a style influencer! [after a
few minutes and with a burst of excitement]
Williams! I would absolutely trade closets with this man; we even have the same
pair of purple Calvin Klein shoes!

TSL: He’s your style
spirit animal!

JR: Yes!

TSL: How would you
describe the style of most 5C students?

JR: While a lot of people
go around looking “good,” I tend to question a lot of people’s relationship to
their own brand of style and outward identity. It seems that most Claremont
students tend to blend, and don’t or can’t showcase individual style. So in
that regard it’s super easy to notice students who do put in effort because it’s
odd in a way. Style on the 5Cs almost makes me nervous because I worry that
most people have no conception of style unless they’re being super deliberate
about their outfit choice.

TSL: So do you have any
advice to Claremont students, especially those without a keen eye for fashion?

JR: Yes! Choose simply,
make sure that whatever you are wearing makes you feel comfortable. If you’re
not a jeans kind of guy, step up your khaki game. But it’s simple, wear clothes
that fit who you are, and if you don’t know what you like, explore!

TSL: All right, now we’re
going to do some rapid fire questions—sort of like you have to chose between
one thing or another to wear for the rest of your life. Are you ready?

JR: Absolutely; bring it!

TSL: Khakis or jeans?

JR: Jeans.

TSL: Thrift-shopping or new clothes?

JR: Thrift-shop.

TSL: Sneakers or desert boots?

JR: Sneakers.

TSL: Blazers or field jackets?

JR: Any color? Hmm, field jackets I guess.

TSL: Givenchy or All Saints?

JR: Givenchy.

TSL: Kanye West’s style or Jared Leto’s style?

JR: Mr. West’s.

Chabrina Bruno PO ’15 is a religious studies major with a minor in studio art. She loves to collect vintage clothing and jewelry.  

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