Ye Olde TSL: The 1949 Homecoming Rally

The November issues of TSL from the 1940s and 1950s were overwhelmingly about football. It appears that in those days, football was one of the most important activities on campus and Homecoming was one of the best events of the year. The main rival at the time was Occidental College—one issue of TSL even featured the words “BEAT OXY” in giant blue letters on the front page. This article from Nov. 15, 1949 shows some of the excitement that surrounded the end of the football season. It leaves us wondering: Where has this school spirit gone?

“Rally Has Bonfire, Fiery Speeches, Blazing Cheering”

Up in flames! Not only will Oxy’s dream house built on hope of victory go up in flames Saturday, but the big pile of wood at the west end of Alumni field will also burn as part of Friday night’s pre-game rally activities. The traditional bonfire is the frosh contribution to the rally, and John Thornton and Kip Nichols are seeing to it that this year’s will be bigger and brighter than ever before.

Mr. Ed Reinke, father of Sagehen end Roger Reinke, will come here from Downey to speak at the rally. Other highlights of the evening will be a ghost dance by the Men’s Glee Club, shooting off of fireworks by the Interfrat Council, the appearance of the Sagehen band, and yelling, singing, and cheering led by present and old Pomona cheerleaders.

Dancing in the Coop patio—and free coffee—will follow the rally. This is because the ballroom will be undergoing decoration for Saturday’s Homecoming Dance.

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