Ye Olde A Cappella

Many of the clothing items sported by Men’s Blue and White proudly bear the fact that this a cappella group was formed in 1895. As much as it seems probable that this is simply urban legend, evidence suggests that they may be telling the truth. Though no record could be found in the 1895 TSLs or the Pomona College Metate yearbook from 1895-1898, the 1899 Metate published a photo of four very-1800s-looking men with this accompanying article that hints at earlier groups in previous years. It is known that Men’s Blue and White started as a quartet and eventually grew to become the ensemble it is today, so it is likely that this article describes an early version of the group.

Male Quartette

S. L. Herrick, First Tenor.

A. Rae Condit, Second Tenor and Whistler.

R. P. Jennings, First Bass.

H. Stanley Bent, Second Bass.

This quartette has taken the place of the Glee Club which died a natural death soon after its organization last fall. Ably assisted by Miss Jessie Mills, Soprano, and Miss Kate M. Condit, Accompaniest [sic], a number of concerts have been given with great success.

By faithful practice, which alone will secure that harmony of voices that make Male Quartette music so acceptable to the public and by its well selected repetoire [sic] the Pomona College Male Quartette has won for itself an enviable reputation.

P. S. This is not “the first and original,” “the only,” “the old quartette” of which we are wont to hear so often and which makes “positively its last appearance” at least once or twice a month. We are sad to chronicle the fact that “the old quartette” has finally made its last disappearance. Its members are now giving the last of their always enjoyable selections. The moonlight harmonies of Commencement finish their course. Peace to their oft disturbed rest!

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