Ye Olde TSL: Be Unpopular This Halloween, 1973

Halloween may be over, but if you still have costume parties to attend this weekend, four TSL writers of 1973 have some suggestions. On Wednesday, Oct. 31, 1973, TSL published a largely Halloween-themed issue that included this article. Keep in mind, at this point in time Claremont McKenna College was men-only, Pitzer College had just become co-ed, and heteronormativity wasn’t yet a word. Still, it’s interesting to see that most of the stereotypes haven’t changed and that horribly problematic Halloween costumes have always been the norm. As the 5Cs try to improve and grow, we have to know where we came from and what problems we still have to face.

Be Unpopular This Halloween

The following is a list of unusual costumes guaranteed to get you at least some kind of a reaction on Halloween. Use it only as a guide. Let your imagination run wild.

Southern Congressman: wear a white sheet and carry a can of kerosene.

Jesus Freak: wear white or pastel shirt, faded jeans, speak in tongues. Carry a Bible and lead a sheep. If party is dull, you always have sheep.

Pitzie: see townie.

CMC’er: wear football jersey, carry a can of Bud, and a banana in your pocket.

HMC’er: wear glasses, pegged pants, carry a portable calculator, speak in tongues (i.e., APL, Fortran…)

Pomona Student: wear shirt with SAT scores and class rank in four color silkscreen.

Townie: DON’T wear shoes. Wear pants or overalls 8 to 10 inches below the waiste [sic]. Don’t wash for at least 4 days, but remember to shave close. If girl, round your heels.

Pool Shark: squint your eyes, swear softly at yourself and say to everyone, “Care to play some serious pool?”

Math Groupie: This category female only. Sharpen nose, follow math profs everywhere. Sound witty, but not smart.

Professor: wear slacks and narrow tie, drive a ’58 to ’64 Rambler, or used three-speed. Make pointed references to the “allowance” the college pays you.

Jock: Drink beer constantly, wear jeans and white T-shirts. Tell everyone you play football to relax.

Scrippsie: Do not allow nose to drop below eyebrow. Drink only mixed drinks. Make Baxter a “must” as a Trick-or-Treat stop.

Women’s libbers: Discard bra. Let it all hang out.





Editor’s note: The authors of this article will be in hiding. If you or your group feel slighted by being excluded, consider the displeasure of the groups included.

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