First Album Covers Is a Hit with Pet Sounds

An eclectic sound escaped Doms Lounge Oct. 6—Pet Sounds to be exact. The Committee for Campus Life and Activities (CCLA), which was recently renamed the Pomona Events Committee (PEC), combined forces with the Musicians Coalition to present Album Covers, a monthly tribute to the classic form of the album in track covers performed by students. At last Thursday’s event, student musicians performed varying interpretations of each track on the Beach Boys’ famed Pet Sounds album.

The original release of the Pet Sounds album offered a selection of striking variability. The score incorporated dog whistles, electric Theremins, aluminum cans, and bicycle bells. The performances in Doms Lounge Thursday paid a fitting tribute to such variety. Performers ranged from a techno-inspired group to Beach Boy look-alikes and a melodic band of sassily mewing cats. Interpretations of each track were offered by bands and soloists, complete with costumes and plenty of creativity.

“I think this is a fantastic idea. It’s so great to see all of the different styles of the performers and there is a clear appreciation for the classics that we don’t seem to voice enough these days. It’s an awesome relief from the bump ‘n grind, not that there isn’t a time and place for that style too,” said Kathleen Shea PO ’12 of the event.

In an age when album cover art is easily overlooked as it instantaneously flashes in the lower-left corner of iTunes or Spotify in an inch by inch square when we put playlists on shuffle or when we just turn on lastFM or use the Genius button, the long beloved simplicity of the album is being lost. Album Covers gives musicians and music lovers a chance to revel once a month in the form of the album, that meticulously planned ten to fourteen-track compilation of simultaneously released songs encased in an artistically designed sleeve.

“It was a really fun show; it was a really cool opportunity to hear everyone’s take on the Beach Boys,” said performer Ben Goldstein PO ’13. “I’d love to see more shows like that in Doms [Lounge]. It’s a much better venue with easier vibes than the harsh lights of Walker. I can’t wait for The Blue Album next month. It’s been my favorite album since I was a little kid.”

The next album to be showcased in Album Covers will be The Blue Album (also known as Weezer) by Weezer. The Blue Album is known as a pivotal album in the music world after it went platinum three times in the United States. Released in 1994, the album marks a coming of age and triggers junior high memories, whether favored or purposefully forgotten, in the lives of many students of the Claremont Colleges. The upcoming Album Covers show is sure to be another smash; this event is no one hit wonder.

“It was great to see friends perform,” said Annie Dennis PO’13, who was in the audience supporting friends with standing ovations and cheers. “I liked the idea of a covers night because it ties together the performers well and allows for a quick procession of acts.”

One certain beauty of this album listening party is that no one has to get up to flip to side B; one must only rise to retrieve a beer or one of the other refreshments offered throughout the show. Similar to most events in Doms Lounge, Album Covers was generously supplied according to the eight-one-eight rule. Two-liter sodas, chips, and even animal crackers, frosted and bare, were bounteous, and beer was overflowing the cup (for those twenty-one years and older).

More details about the next Album Covers event, including date, time, and sign-ups for performances, will be released as the show nears.

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