One-Woman Show Physics of Love Blends Science and Romantic Comedy

Quirky. Inclusive. Creative. Geeky. Original. Nerdy. Relatable. Comedic. And much more. 

Jennifer Joy, a New York-based writer and actor, is all these things in her one-woman show Physics of Love, which is being shown this weekend. Joy weaves together romance, comedy, and science to create a unique performance which discusses the challenges of both queer and heterosexual love. 

Physics of Love protagonist Lisa is in search of “Ms. Right.” Joy’s multi-character narrative is informed by science and the creation of the universe as Lisa encounters obstacles of love. Think The Big Bang Theory in a 90-minute performance. 

Joy wrote in an e-mail to TSL that she wants audiences to see how hopeful and exciting science can be. She wrote that she aims to entertain “with a funny love story that also illuminates science’s creation story,” while demonstrating that “when it comes to falling in love, everyone—queer or hetero—has challenges.”

“We all have inner obstacles when it comes to love. That’s what queer and hetero people have in common,” Joy wrote. Physics of Love seeks to illuminate those similarities and therefore enable “allies to support their queer friends even more.”

This event is sponsored by Family, one of the Scripps College Communities of Resources and Empowerment. Family is Scripps’s queer-straight alliance. 

Jane Scearce SC ’15, Family Communications Representative, wrote in an e-mail to TSL that Family hopes “straight allies will attend … and realize that you don’t have to be queer to go to queer-sponsored events.” 

Scearce also wrote that this event will be “relatable to the well-known struggles of understanding oneself, whether that be one’s sexual or gender identity, or just figuring out life.” 

Physics of Love will be performed at 7 p.m. tonight in Scripps’s Humanities Auditorium. 

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