Restock on Music with Bootstock

Last week we had Kohoutek, two weeks ago we had No-Chella, 44 years ago we had Woodstock. Now, this weekend, just in case all that was not enough free live music for you (and let’s be real here, there is no such thing as too much free live music), we have “Bootstock.”

Bootstock is a single-day music festival tomorrow, Saturday, April 27, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Pomona College’s Sontag Greek Theatre. Bootstock gets its name in part because it’s hosted by Sigma Tau, the fraternity that brings us weekly “Boot” parties in Doms Lounge, but it is also hosted by the Musician’s Coalition.

The Musician’s Coalition is the campus organization you can thank for maintaining the fully furnished practice room under Walker. If you have never been there and think that sounds awesome for you and your friends who like playing music, you can check it out and have access to drums, amplifiers, guitars, and more for free! The Musician’s Coalition works toward the goal of promoting and supporting student talent at Pomona and across the 5Cs.

In the past, the Coalition has put on some small events with a couple of student bands, but this time around, organizer and Musician’s Coalition President Elan Small PO ’13 chose to go the festival route.

“It would be awesome to have an outdoor music festival to bring a wide variety of Pomona musicians and 5C students together in a day of celebrating good music and good vibes,” Small said.

This “good music” starts at 3 p.m. with Devil’s Lettuce, an a cappella group consisting of Pomona seniors singing a few songs. Then, at 3:30, the Pomona College Jazz Band will be playing, with a possible appearance by renowned jazz musician Bobby Bradford, who teaches Pomona’s popular History of Jazz course. At 4:45, The Inland Emperors, the darling band of Pomona’s sophomore class, will be performing their own version of funk. At 6, the band Pomo Erectus, composed of Pomona seniors, will take the stage with what can be expected to be an energetic and ear-pleasing live show. Next up, at 7:15, is the Dirty Boys, “a whiskey-drinkin’ sixtet composed of Pomona students playing original 60s style bluegrass tunes,” according to Small. Closing out the night is Milk, a band that has played Long Tall Glasses, the Boot, and Symposium with their own smooth mix of jazz and funk.

In addition to the music, the “good vibes” will come from free beer and free food provided by Lily’s Tacos.

“Great live music, beer, and awesome Mexican food: What more could you ask for?” Small said.

Bootstock has received generous funding from Pomona Events Committee and Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College, and it has required a lot of hard work from all those involved, including Assistant Director of Smith Campus Center John Lopes, members of the Musician’s Coalition and Sigma Tau (especially Sigma Tau President Dylan Gschwind PO ’13), and all of the performers. Don’t miss the chance to see all their hard work pay off: Head over to the Sontag Greek Theatre tomorrow to enjoy some free food, live music, and sunshine.

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