Fashion Column: Thrifty Shopping

Jael Berger PZ ’16 is a self-professed thrift-shopping queen. Hailing from San Francisco, Calif., a thrift-shopping mecca, Berger has sought out all of the good thrift stores in Claremont since her arrival. Dressed in primarily thrift store goodies, she offered up her best advice on flaunting your own style and how to thrift.

TSL: What are you wearing?

Jael Berger: My shirt is from ASOS, my skirt is American Apparel, my shoes are thrifted from Buffalo Exchange and they are the brand Capezio and my denim shirt is Gap. I’m not sure where my socks are from, but they’re probably Smartwool, and I found them in my mom’s drawers! The necklace is a mini harmonica on a chain and it was a gift from my Dad, and the bag is a vintage Coach bag.

TSL: Do you think moving to Claremont has changed the way you dress?

JB: I don’t really think it is Claremont that has influenced the way I dress, but just being in a different setting. It’s made me able to dress more like myself and the way I want, as opposed to in high school where I felt more restricted. I could go out to the city of San Francisco, though, and flaunt my fashion and get compliments. I like that, and I feel like I have that here too.

TSL: Where do you tend to shop?

JB: I like thrift stores a lot, and lately I’ve been having an online shopping obsession, mostly on ASOS. Also, I like American Apparel and Urban Outfitters, but I find Urban Outfitters kindof stuck up.

TSL: Since you really love thrift shopping, do you have any thrifting tips?

JB: Yeah, don’t give up! People get really frustrated and tend to give up, but you can always find something if you keep looking.

TSL: Do you have any stores you like in Claremont?

JB: I like Nectar and The Grove thrift store. There is also a thrift store across from The Grove but I don’t know what it’s called. It’s a funky, fun place, and I got a cool dress from thererecently.

TSL: Do you have a style icon or someone whose style you admire?

JB: Yeah, the blogger Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast! I have a girl crush on her! She has really distinct style, and it’s not something you see every day; it’s like art. It’s something differentand new, and it’s nice to see someone who’s not an Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 impostor.

TSL: Did you go Black Friday shopping?

JB: Yes I did! I slept through my alarm three times, so I didn’t get the best deals, but I still managed to get some goodies! I went to Nordstrom, Club Monaco, Urban Outfitters, Cotton On—where I got a really cute hat—and H&M.

TSL: Do you have a favorite designer?

JB: I buy shoes a lot, so one of my favorite designers is Jeffrey Campbell. I also think my roommate got me hooked on Alexander Wang. I don’t own anything Alexander Wang but [theclothes] are so well made!

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