TMI Sketch Comedy Group Performs at Pitzer

The TMI Hollywood sketch comedy performance last Friday, Nov. 2, at Pitzer College’s Benson Auditorium was not just the usual crude comedy; it was better. The show featured Ashley Williams, who plays Victoria on How I Met Your Mother.

TMI Hollywood is a Los Angeles-based comedy group that keeps the public updated on celebrity scandals.

From ludicrous parodies of Russell Brands’s Get Him to the Greek, to bad parenting schemes, to Amy Winehouse-style rehab drama, to lampoons of Jessica Simpson’s dad, TMI is familiar with celebrity satire. Between sketches, they adapted their performance to Claremont and poked fun at the 5C stereotypes.

“Second City is such a well-renowned theater in the states,” Williams said. “I’ve never gotten to do sketch comedy; it is its own acting beast. I’ve been in acting classes for years, and this is against the grain that I usually take part in. How I Met Your Mother is not shot with an audience, and this is unfamiliar to me [because] this is my second sketch comedy.”

On Friday afternoon before the show, Williams and TMI performers led an improvisation workshop for students in Seaver Theatre at Pomona College.

“[The show] is a lot like working on a sitcom; you get to take it as far as you can take on stage,” Williams said.

The sketch group performs every Sunday at Second City Theater in L.A., the largest school of improvisation that specializes in sketch comedy. 

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