Fiona Nugent PZ 16

Having spent her junior year of high school living in Zaragoza, Spain with a Spanish family, Fiona Nugent PZ ’16 is already acquainted with a process new to many first-years: being responsible for all aspects of everyday life. 

“I became extremely independent and self-managing,” Nugent said. “I was responsible and in charge of all my finances, academics, travel arrangements, extracurriculars and jobs.”

While living in Zaragoza, Nugent developed not only her self-sufficiency, but also her interest in the Spanish language and her knowledge of the country.

“I was able to travel frequently and easily to many places, my favorite places being Barcelona or San Sebastian,” Nugent said.

Nugent is planning to study sociology and Spanish at Pitzer and hopes to study abroad and work in Argentina or return to Spain. After graduation, she also intends to enter the Peace Corps.

“If not that, [then I want to] travel for a couple of years,” Nugent said.

Nugent hopes to become active in the Latin Student Union at Pitzer and to continue to travel in the future.

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