September Brings New TV Seasons

September is coming to an end, which means primetime fall television is starting up again. Over the past two weeks, the big networks started premiering their new line-up, which consists mainly of newbie comedy shows (NBC’s “Go On” and “The New Normal”) and reality voice competitions (NBC’s “The Voice” and Fox’s “The X-Factor”). So far, fall TV looks promising, and I’m here to share a few shows that 5C students, myself included, are looking forward to in the upcoming year. 

“Parks and Recreation” (premiered Sept. 20 on NBC)

In an interesting change of pace, the premiere of “Parks and Rec” takes place in Washington D.C., where Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), newly elected Chairwoman of the Pawnee City Council, travels to see boyfriend Ben (Adam Scott), who now works on a Congressional campaign, and to pitch for funds for a parks program. Of course, as one would expect, especially in the political big leagues of D.C., Leslie’s doe-eyed optimism is tested. Fortunately for us, her freak-outs are zany and hilarious, and perfectly complemented by the amusing (if awkward) cameos of Barbara Boxer and John McCain. 

Last season, we witnessed the rise of a more competent, down-to-earth Leslie Knope during her campaign for Councilwoman of Pawnee. This season, especially due to Ben’s new D.C. niche, we’ll see her grapple with the cynicism encapsulated in big(ger) politics while also working to make her long-distance relationship work. Season Five has the potential to greatly develop Leslie’s character into (hopefully) a strong, tough and successful city official. 

“Doctor Who” (premiered Sept. 1 on BBC America)

Disclaimer: I’ve never watched “Doctor Who” before, but from what I know, it is a sci-fi series that follows the many adventures of “the Doctor,” an alien Timelord who, along with various companions, travels through space and time to battle menacing villains. 

So, why am I mentioning “Doctor Who”? Well, “Dr. Who” is especially popular among 5C students right now, with a weekly screening group that meets every Saturday at 1 p.m. Screenings are organized by Meg Roy SC ’14, who invites all “Doctor Who” enthusiasts from the 5Cs to come by the Scripps Browning TV Room on Saturday afternoons to watch new episodes together.

According to Roy, the series is great because, “It’s wacky and eccentric but has a surprising amount of depth.” For more information, check out the group’s Facebook page.

“How I Met Your Mother” (premiered Sept. 24 on CBS)

With contract negotiations currently underway and recent reports of Jason Segel’s eventual departure, HIMYM’s eighth season really could be its last. This means it could be the season that finally reveals the mother of Ted’s children (at last!). Nevertheless, final season or not, the 2012 premiere of HIMYM will no doubt be exciting, especially considering where Season Seven left off: Ted and Victoria running off into the sunset, Marshal and Lily welcoming their new baby boy into the world and a flash-forward scene of Barney and Robin preparing for their wedding. (Yay!)

“Glee” (premiered Sept. 13 on FOX)

Ok, I know, “Glee” got a little ridiculous—Mr. Schuester’s dancing was a little too creepy, Rachel was a little too annoying and Quinn’s stint in a wheelchair was just a little too stupid. All that aside, I’ve been enjoying the recent Season Five episodes of “Glee.” In a way, especially with the new additions of rookie “Glee” members, Marley and Jake Puckerman (Yep, Puck’s brother), Season Five brings me back to the good old days of the first season: back when the newly minted “Glee” members were ugly ducklings lost in a sea of high school homogeneity—innocent, self-conscious, dorky, uber-talented. Especially in juxtaposition with the sexy atmosphere of Rachel’s new NYC home, “Glee” has a refreshing and vibrant “new direction” (indulge me) with new faces, budding relationships and impending conflicts.

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