Comedians StandUp for Ethnic, Religious and Social Tolerance

As liberal arts students, we are all acutely aware of the dangers of politically incorrect humor. But can some humor transcend this label to become politically-correcting? Can comedy ever heal conflict?

StandUp for Peace, a comedy duo made up of an Israeli and a Palestinian, addressed this question at their performance March 22 in McKenna Auditorium. Previously featured on CNN, Fox News, National Public Radio and BBC Radio, StandUp for Peace performs for colleges across the country. Through their routine, comedians Scott Blakeman and Aron Kader aim to inspire dialogue around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Nothing is off-limits for their humor. Opening jokes covered Syria, Mormons and CMC’s SAT scores.

“As comedians, we’re optimists,” Kader said.

“It really bugs me when people think that Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting for thousands of years; it’s only been the last half century… things change,” he said.  

The event was organized by Claremont Hillel and Claremont Muslim Student Association, and co-sponsored by ASCMC, The Center for Human Rights Leadership, The Office of the Chaplains and Scripps Associated Students.  

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