All Female Mariachi Group Performs at Scripps

Professor Candida Jaquez of Scripps College has been dreaming of having Mariachi Mujer 2000, an internationally renowned ensemble, perform in Claremont. That dream was finally realized at Garrison Theater on September 20th.

Mariachi Mujer 2000 is an acclaimed ensemble who perform traditional mariachi music, which originated in western Mexico. They are a unique mariachi group due to the fact they consist solely of women. When introducing themselves before their performance, the group said that it is always difficult to break the stereotype of mariachi being male-driven. Despite this, they were the only group to represent the Americas at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, and they have performed at Oprah Winfrey’s estate.

The performance at Scripps was lively, with fantastic instrumentation and singing that inspired impulsive cheering from the audience. The women were spirited performers, moving their feet and swaying spontaneously with the music.

After the performance, the ensemble took questions from the audience. The discussion included details of their Olympic experience, rehearsal schedule, and recruitment processes.

Jaquez was the major player behind getting the ensemble to Claremont. “I never thought we could get them here,” Jaquez said. Mariachi Mujer 2000 took a huge pay cut for the performance, according to Jaquez, because of the fact that Scripps is a women’s college.

Mariachi Serrano, the 5C mariachi ensemble, also benefited from Mariachi Mujer 2000’s visit to Claremont. Lyanne Dominguez SC ’13, co-president of Mariachi Serrano, said that their group had the “amazing opportunity to have Laura Sobrino, the musical director of Mariachi Mujer 2000, come to rehearsal and give us one-on-one instruction.”

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