Natasha Kraus: Vintage Street Chic

Natasha Kraus SC ’15 embodies SoCal’s effortless, comfortable style, but
makes sure to put her own spin on it. Instead of choosing to don the typical short shorts, flip
flops and crop tops, Kraus draws inspiration from earlier eras, focusing on timeless, vintage pieces. Hailing from Mission Viejo, Kraus is an Art History and International Relations/Politics major.

Iris Lieuw: How would you describe your personal style?

Natasha Kraus: I’d say my personal style is kind of “vintage-y
street chic.” I really like mixing random, unique and fun pieces with simple
staples and pairing it all off with fun jewelry.

IL: Do you get inspiration from anything (like a specific
person, place or designer)?

NK: I get inspiration from the Free People website, Net-a-Porter,
and from watching various fashion shows.

IL: Has being in Claremont changed your style at all?

NK: No, I don’t think so. If anything, I’ve begun embracing
my style even more because a lot of the people here in Claremont dress kind of

IL: What is your favorite trend of spring 2012?

NK: I’d say my favorite trend is bold prints. I like mixing
different prints together.  

IL: What are your most beloved items in your closet?

NK: My most beloved items are my boots. I have a boot
collection which contains knee-high boots, lace-up boots, ankle boots, moccasin
boots, motorcycle boots and even Sperry boots.

IL: Is there anything you can’t live without, style-wise?

NK: I can’t live without high-waisted jeans.

IL: Do you follow any specific blogs?

NK: I follow a lot of fashion blogs on Tumblr. I also follow
blogs called The Man Repeller and Who What Wear.  

IL: Where is your favorite place to shop?

NK: My favorite place to shop is at Wasteland in L.A. It’s a
consignment and vintage store, and I love it so much. Also on the top of my list
are, of course, Urban Outfitters and L.F. stores.

IL: Any tips for fashionable girls out there?

NK: I guess I’d just say, “Don’t be afraid to be bold, and
don’t be afraid to wear other people’s old clothes.”  

IL: Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

NK: I have so many. I guess one of them is when people wear
miniskirts with Uggs. Actually, Uggs in general. It really bugs me when people
have muffintops, too. Also, fishnet tights. They’re weird and really don’t go
with anything. 

Natasha suggests checking out thrift or consignment stores
if you are inspired by her style. Or, if you are still easing your way into the
whole idea of fashionable secondhand clothing, try raiding your mom’s closet for
her cool clothes.

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