Spring Fashion is in Bloom

Although it hardly ever happens this early in the year, it’s time to stash your winter coats and oversized sweaters—spring is here. And with a new season comes a wardrobe update. For spring 2012, leave behind your sheer fabric, lace tops, maxi dresses, and high-to-low skirts, because bright prints, khaki, leather, and knits are stealing the show. It’s all about being adventurous this season, whether by wearing the brightest orange possible or by mixing textures like knit and leather.

Prints: Loud prints of all colors, sizes, and shapes have been springing up in designers’ collections all around the globe. This season, don’t be afraid to wear a head-to-toe floral, tribal, graphic, or animal print. But if all-over print is too overwhelming for the average class (or day, for that matter), add a little spice to your outfit by putting on a pair of floral cropped pants or maybe a snakeskin-print coat.

Khaki: Military chic? Not really, but khaki—both the fabric and the color—is definitely surging to the front lines of fashion this season, largely in the forms of loose, semi-fitting dresses and pants. Pair it with statement gold jewelry or a royal blue heel, and khaki won’t make you look too “explorer” at all.

Leather: This spring, leather is being toned down. Instead of rocker/biker chic, leather is being worn in simpler, more classic ways. Designers have softened leather’s once-tough edge by using paler, more neutral color palettes and creating garments with soft shapes and “drape-y” characteristics. Looks like the motto this season is to make leather look as far from leathery as possible.

Knit: Knitwear is still as popular as ever. But don’t go looking for your favorite gray sweater; it’s all about color and shape this season—think “the brighter the better.” Knitwear in bright oranges, mint greens, salmons, and yellows are being seen on models on and off the runway. Keep your sweaters fitted, though, because an oversized orange sweater just might end up making you look like a tomato.

Still feeling daring? Pairing these spring trends with each other can create an even more exciting outfit. Spring is all about renewal, rebirth, and harmony, so why not make different textures and patterns work together? Pair your bright knit top with your light brown leather pants, or make your loud floral tee clash with striped pants. Be creative this spring, and show off your unique style. Above all, be adventurous, and be you.

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