Spotlight: On-Campus Jobs, A Day in the Life at ITS

The folks at Pomona’s Information Technology Services thoroughly enjoy their jobs. Sure, sitting at a help desk, responding to e-mails, and fixing computers and printers may sound unglamorous (and for some of us, downright boring), but for ITS-ers, the satisfaction of work well done—along with some awkward moments and good company—make it fun.

New staff member Ben Brostoff PO ’14 describes the job as an opportunity to unleash his inner “hardcore geek.” Working at ITS allows him to do what excites him the most: helping people with technology and “investigating” computers. “If I wasn’t here,” he said during his Sunday night shift, “I’d be breaking my own computer apart.” Yet the new job has also exposed some dark sides of technology. Brostoff said that, since joining the staff, he has learned “more and more about how Microsoft and Apple make terrible products.”

Brostoff decided to pursue a position at ITS after hearing about it in a speech by supervisor Katie Bloom PO ’11 during orientation week. Bloom came to ITS with little technological experience; she had only worked in the customer service department at the Apple Store. Like Brostoff, she values the job as a learning place. Her experience at ITS, she said, can “help me financially until I further my education.”

For the time being, however, the job serves as a rewarding source of entertainment. Savoring the opportunites to aid her classmates, she recalled the occasion when “someone spilled beer and [ITS managed] to save their thesis.”

Bloom also recalled some funny stories, including one about a student who called ITS instead of Waste Management, and another about the time she helped a professor open Firefox, only to discover a tab simply entitled “Sex.”

Bloom also attributed the jovial atmosphere at ITS to the students and staff members—full time employees like Resnet Manager Matt Walker—who create flexible hours for the students and allow them to do homework on the job. “Everyone is really fun,” she said.

Many ITS employees share something other than energy and enthusiasm for their job: several, including Brostoff and Bloom, come from Washington state. Why this trend? Said Bloom, “People in Seattle are nerds.”

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