Website of the Week: Sports Blog Deadspin Keeps Fans Informed is the most popular and influential sports blog on the internet. Deadspin reports news that ESPN isn’t allowed to cover. You may have heard that it broke the Brett Favre “sexting” story all the way back on Aug. 4 of this year.

While ESPN won’t touch a story like this until it’s been confirmed, Deadspin will break the news and proceed with further investigations of its own. The recipient of Favre’s alleged sexting, Jenn Sterger, told Deadspin via e-mail that the “lil’ gunslinger” had sent her inappropriate picture messages. She also forwarded the photos and voicemails, which are now online for the world to see.

If you want to dish dirt on sports figures, you go to Deadspin. If you want to share a sports story that is hilarious, explicit, and believable, they will take you seriously. The writers promote interactivity with their fanbase by reading and replying to most e-mails. While Deadspin reports gossip that Perez Hilton would be proud of, the writing is still excellent and the staff talented. Whether the subject is Tim Lincecum’s pitching windup or Erin Andrews’ love life, the posts are consistently informative and hysterical. Deadspin is a must-read for avid sports fans.

ESPN’s middling competitors in sports media rarely question the dominant network’s intentions. When it comes to the stories that ESPN doesn’t want us to know, Deadspin is the best alternative news source we have.

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