Five-C Threads Featuring Chris Fiorello

Chris Fiorello PO ‘11 looks damn classy without looking snobby or overdressed. In accomplishing this, he’s threaded one hell of a needle as far as I’m concerned.

“The things we put on our body are the most pronounced expressions of who we are or who we want to be,” he said. He believes that, to some extent, everybody cares about fashion in that “people always make judgments based on how people look.”

In light of this point, Chris aims to look composed and well-put-together: “Because I’m not,” he said. He finds that making such a statement in the way he dresses helps him adopt those characteristics in other areas of his life.

Lately, and in light of fall, Chris has been drawn to the color “camel’s hair,” a color similar to tan but darker or more saturated. He also likes “super loose, sheer cardigans over contrastingly tight shirts” and “cuffing jeans.”

However, he finds his style is more often defined by what it excludes.

“I don’t like studs, or things that are too dark,” he said. He proclaimed an aversion to full raincoats, colorful rainbows, Doc Martens and other military-surplus-like items, and—on guys—wide-collared shirts that “miss a shoulder” (as Dane Cook put it in one of his routines).

Yet Chris is clear about the limits of “dressing up.” When people find someone well-dressed, he said, they seem to give a nod of approval. Yet when they find someone overdressed, the look is more of a stare. Chris quite obviously pays attention to the details of how he presents himself and how people respond to him. He has tailored his style to convey a very intentional message: moth-bitten cardigans, in the right context, reflect a sharper, more expressive style than the nicest peacoat on the market. And his cardigan has further awesome details, such as its oddly-spackled, unplaceably awesome coloration.

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