5C Threads featuring Ari Mygatt

As Ari Mygatt PO ‘13 explained, her motivation for caring about style simply derives from “an appreciation for things that look nice. It’s not about sex appeal or trying to attract guys. I’m excited to wear things I buy and have. I’m pumped for variety.” For many of us, it’s appealing to have a repertoire of looks that reflect our identities in an aesthetically appealing way.

More specifically, Ari said that her style is moving away from shock value and a “straight hipster [look], with lots of layering and textures.” In this sense, she sees herself maturing.

“Lots of people at the 5Cs dress this way and it’s not as interesting to me anymore,” she said. Instead, she’s moving toward more distinctive color palettes, especially muted and monochromatic ones, and more jewelry and accessories. “I’m a huge fan of being cheap,” she said. “Forever 21 is awesome because even though a lot of their clothes appear cheap, sometimes they’re dead-on. I should be their model,” she said confidently.

Additionally, she appreciates the recent schizophrenic weather and the shift from summer to fall. “I can get away from the same four pairs of shorts I’ve had on loop,” she said, citing tights, leggings, and shoes as good reasons to appreciate colder weather.

I see Ari’s look as tidy yet decorated, piecing together items that certainly go well together and then adding flair with more subtle details. Her necklace, ring, and bracelets make her look distinctive and jump out because of the simple, refined cuts of her clothing.

“I won’t wear scarves in hundred-degree weather for the sake of fashion, but I’ve also never been the kind of person who wears sweatpants,” she said. “I feel better after getting dressed.”

Earlier in the interview, as a response to some question or another, Ari retorted with a nice deadpan “thug life.” I think that statement provides a good note on which to end.

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