First Years Screw Around

A colorful crowd of Pomona first-years gathered in front of Frank Dining Hall last Friday evening in search of their soulmates. Or, at least, in search of the dates in compatible costumes chosen by their roommates.

These freshman were participating in the annual Committee for Campus Life and Activity (CCLA) event “Screw Your Roommate,” organized this year by CCLA Senior Class Representative Ben Yarbrough PO ‘11 and Junior Class Representative Jesse Madrigal PO ‘12. “Screw Your Roommate” lets first-years set their roommates up on dates, assigning them with a theme and a corresponding pick-up line. The event serves as an extension of orientation, allowing first-years to interact and bond with fellow classmates whom they may not have met yet.

Senior Class President Meredith Willis PO ‘11 emceed, introducing the pairs as they displayed their costumes, and ASPC President Stephanie Almeida ‘11, Assistant Professor of Politics Susan McWilliams, and Assistant Director of Smith Campus Center and Student Programs John Lopes were the final judges. The students competed for $10 (“Best Team Spirit” and “Best Pick-Up Line”) and $15 (“Best Costume”) gift cards to Yogurtland.

Michael Mei and Lauren Moon matched the energy of their Pikachu-inspired attire, winning the “Best Team Spirit” prize.

Ishan Dutt and Jennifer Schmidt, acting as James Bond and Miss Moneypenny, received the “Best Pick-Up Line” award; the secret agent charmed his lady by asking her to feel his suit fabric, then proclaiming that it was “boyfriend material.”

Gabriella Heller and Ben Brostoff won “Best Costume” for their Star Wars ensembles, dressing as Princess Leia and Chewbacca, respectively.

“I think it was my date’s costume that made us win,” Heller said. Brostoff showcased his abundant chest and back hair in order to channel the furry Wookie.

“The best part of the event was how into character everyone got,” Heller added.

Larkin Corrigan and Joel Fagliano earned an honorable mention for their “Cave People” garb.

While the event was targeted at first-years, upperclassmen enjoyed watching the interactions between the dates transpire.

“As the dinner went on, the event became more lively and spirited. There were some creative and interesting costumes as well as pick-up lines … hopefully SYR will be a memorable event yet again,” Madrigal said. “Those who did come up [to share their pick-up lines and participate in the contest] had put some thought into their lines—some were downright outrageous!” he said.

However, Madrigal continued, “For the most part, a lot of them were too self-conscious.” A senior who wished to remain anonymous felt that the atmosphere was “telling” of the Class of 2014. And the senior’s advice for the Class of 2014?

“I hope to see more participation and group feeling emanating from the freshers as they continue their college careers.”

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