Claremont Idol Hits the Right Notes

Bottom Line Theater sponsored “Claremont Idol” last Saturday night in order to draw attention to the student-run 5C theater group. The “American Idol”-esque event’s organizers rated it a success, as the competition drew a crowd of about 60 to 70 student performers in addition to friends and curious spectators who came to watch at Seaver Theater’s Allen Studio.

Though the environment was relaxed and non-competitive, a mystery Scripps freshman was selected overall best performer. She was somehow able to escape with the unusual grand prize of a cactus without any of the event organizers catching her full name.

Along with the mystery winner, plenty of other students took the stage. “We wanted to showcase the singing ability of students on campus to both faculty and the rest of the campus,” said Nathan Barnett PO ’11, a Bottom Line Theater (BLT) member who helped organize the event.

Sam Gold PO ‘11 and Clare Thoele SC ’11 were judges, and while neither was willing to play the role of harsh “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell, they did play their characters with a theatrical touch: Gold put on a French accent and Thoele an Australian one.

Students played along too, said BLT member Becky Karpovsky SC ‘11.

“Some people came dressed up and went all-out with dance moves and just enjoyed themselves,” she said.

Song selections ranged from musical ballads to Disney tunes to country to slow R&B. The judges said that a performance of the version of “Poker Face” that appeared on the television show “Glee” was especially memorable. Some students performed duets, and a few even sang three or four times over the course of the evening.

“People thanked us. They said, ‘I’m not involved in theater so I don’t get the opportunity to sing except by myself in my car,’” Karpovsky said.

To remind the singers that the goal was to have fun, BLT members performed between students’ songs. They started off the show with “Jumper” by Third Eye Blind “to start things off with a fun song about suicide,” Karpovsky joked. As a finale, Gold and Barnett did a rendition of R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly,” inviting everyone onstage to sing along.

Bottom Line Theater keeps students informed of all the theater events going on at the 5Cs, as well as advertising and sometimes providing transportation to off-campus shows. Those interested in getting involved should e-mail BLT at or get in touch with BLT liaison Sam Gold.

Karpovsky said that the event’s success has encouraged BLT to organize a Claremont Idol, Part Two in the near future. Should you have a hidden talent for singing, stay tuned for a chance to put your skills on display. Next time, that prize cactus could be yours.

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