Motley Searches for Additional Tasty Treats

The Motley Coffeehouse held its first ever “Bake-Off” Friday, Sept. 24. The event was organized by Marian Miller SC ‘13, the Motley Sustainability and Networking Manager, as a new way to find student bakers for Scripps’ student-run coffee shop.

Miller said that, in the past, the Motley has relied on student bakers to approach the managers and express their interest in baking. However, many of last year’s bakers have graduated or are too busy to continue the job.

The Motley staff decided that reaching out to the community through an organized event would be a more innovative and efficient way of finding replacements than relying upon individuals to take the initiative. Furthermore, Miller said, the Bake-Off was a way of opening the Motley up to students who don’t usually stop by. Students from all of the 5Cs were welcome to participate.

On Friday, the Motley rearranged its tables into one long display line of the many creations that were submitted. Although the flyers for the Bake-Off had encouraged students to bring in food items other than the usual baked goods, samples consisted primarily of chocolates, truffles, banana bread, and muffins. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls and vegan carrot muffins were among the more interesting items. Though the managers had hoped to see more diverse foods, Miller said she was still pleased with the turnout.

By having regular patrons involved in the product-choosing process, the Motley was able to include student input.

“I might find someone else’s treat and think, ‘Shooooot, this is damn tasty!’” Miller said, “but others might retch in their mouth and throw it away. So why should I be the only one deciding?” The Bake-Off was well-received by students. An hour into the event, which took place outside of the Motley’s usual hours of operation, most of the samples were already gone. However, the room remained crowded with many students from the various colleges who were hanging out with friends and eating the last of the treats.

“This brings a whole new sense of creativity and community to the Motley,” said Charlotte Leasia SC ‘13.

Miller will go through the student feedback this week and decide which bakers to hire. Keep an eye out for the new, tasty baked goods.

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