5C Threads featuring Sam Cheney

Sam Cheney PO ‘12 has a uniquely nonchalant attitude toward fashion: don’t stress over keeping up-to-date or trendy, but focus on developing a sense of what works for you.

Q: How has the atmosphere at the 5Cs shaped your style?

A: I wear things like snowboots and coats and gloves a lot less often.

Q: What has interested you, in your own style or in that of others, lately?

A: I’ve been pretty interested in fixing the gaping hole in the bottom of my shoe. That would be an exciting stylistic development.

Q: What is your attitude towards the seasonal shift into fall?

A: I love autumn. I hope it’s really cold. But I don’t know anything about upcoming fashion trends, or whatever. I know that Kanye’s album is going to be disgusting levels of awesome – the man is both the culmination and catalyst of every trend ever at once, so why pay attention to anything else?

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