Clubs on Campus: The Druids and Bottom Line Theatre

The Druids and Bottom Line Theatre (BLT), the two 5C theatre clubs, have a history in Claremont that goes back further than anyone can remember. The Druids, to the confusion of many new members, are not actually related to the shadowy priests of ancient Ireland. Rather, they act as liaisons between the student theatre community and the 5C Theatre Department, hosting events and organizing other theatre-related activities. BLT, a division of the Druids, is a theatre production group that offers funding and assistance to students interested in staging their own productions. Although the two clubs have separate names, they are essentially one club that works both with the department and independently to create dramatic works.The Druids and BLT are affiliated with the 5-C department of Theatre and Dance. However, the clubs do not receive any funding from the department and are not involved in department productions; the department is also not involved in Druids-BLT productions. The Druids aim to support the department’s mission to enable involvement in theatre for students by offering additional opportunities to be involved in theatre outside of department activities. Druids-BLT plays are not directly associated with the department, enabling them to stage experimental plays and other performances that the department does not have the time to produce formally.Both the Department of Theatre and Dance and BLT offer many opportunities for students to get involved with theatre other than performing on stage. In addition to performing, building sets, being a stagehand, creating costumes, and working in the box office or as an usher are all available opportunities, BLT also offers students the chance to design, produce, and direct shows of their choice. Different from department productions, BLT productions are staged whenever students decide to put on a show, rather than a fixed two per semester. Also, because the plays are not department events, rehearsals and performances may be scheduled to accommodate non-theatre events. However, plays are only staged when students offer to direct, and BLT is open to proposals at any time.The upcoming BLT one-acts festival showcases student work in these areas of production. This year, four plays will be featured:


by Will Arbery,

Rest in Peace

by Jose Martinez Quierolo,

Under the Balcony

by Bruce Kane, and

Seven Menus

by David Ives.Upcoming Druids activities include excursions to local theatres to see plays and musicals as well as workshops in physical theatre every Saturday morning. BLT’s annual student-produced one-act play festival will be Dec. 11-12 in the Seaver Theater studios.Druids and BLT meetings are held Fridays at 12:15 p.m. in the Seaver Theater green room. Students from all five colleges are welcome to attend.

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