Senior Profile: Liz Robinson CM

For senior Liz Robinson, the future seems pretty set, at least for the next few years. As an International Relations and Philosophy major at CMC, Robinson is pursuing a career in law, starting with law school in the fall.

“I’ve wanted to become a lawyer since the 5th grade,” Robinson said. Her time at CMC was spent following her passion for law, and working toward her goal of attending law school. And now Robinson is making that goal a reality.

In the fall, she plans to attend Stanford Law School. Having recently returned from admitted students weekend, she felt that “people were just so friendly. I felt the same warm community [at Stanford] that I experienced at CMC.”

One of the most meaningful experiences during her four years has been outside the realm of professors, papers, and discussion of the law. Robinson found that her work on the debate team’s outreach program has provided much fulfillment.

The program strives to promote debate skills among middle school kids, teaching them the fundamentals of speaking and thinking well. Robinson said she served often as a judge in competitions for these youngsters.

As an International Relations major, she hopes to work in international law. Her involvement in Scripps’s European Union Center has allowed her to further her global knowledge. Her study abroad experience in Germany and an internship in Brussels helped her to explore the European Union, as well as expose her to the international arena.

“I’m really interested in diplomatic law—I wouldn’t mind going back to Europe in the near future,” Robinson said.

Her international work doesn’t end in Europe, however. Robinson’s involvement on the Claremont Colleges’ Model United Nations team allowed her to spend spring break at a competition in Singapore.

Regarding advice for undergraduates, Robinson says to “never be afraid to take a class out of your traditional subject area,” as those can be some of the most formative classes and the best ways to grow.

“Since we go to colleges where the professors are so supportive and willing to meet with you, this is a great environment to explore, and not feel afraid,” Robinson said.

Robinson said she is both nostalgic and excited about graduating.

“I love the Ath, and the Ath dinners will definitely be one of the things I miss the most,” Robinson says.

Fortunately for her, the Atheneum will still be around for many future visits. But for now, the focus of Robinson’s studies leads her far from Claremont.

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