Savings You Can Only Get With Your 5-C ID

How far can a 5C student ID go towards saving you a few end-of-the-semester flex dollars? Laemmle Theater is a mainstay for offering discounts to Claremont College students; they’re one of many stores in the Village that do. Here’s how your ID can get you deals* that satisfy a universal “college criteria.”


Pizza ‘n Such has recently started a 5C student discount plan; check it out at La Picoletta, an Italian restaurant reviewed recently by


, offers a Thursday College Night. $10 includes pasta, salad, bread, and a non-alcoholic drink. As for alcohol, Wine Styles has $5 wine tastings for students over 21. When I inquired about it I was met with skeptical looks; I informed them that I wasn’t 21 yet, to which the hostess responded, “I can tell.”*Look out for blue stickers in store windows that say College Discount. Any Village shop that posts one applies a 10% discount on anything purchased by 5C students. Some Crust Bakery and Last Drop Café go by this standard, as do Stamp Your Heart Out, Bliss Salon, Bath Junkie, and Grove Vintage, among others.

Shopping/Material Items:

The Diamond Center went out of their way to express their appreciation for Claremont College students; “My wife went to Scripps!” said Ray Lantz, son of the owner. His business will clean any 5C student’s jewelry for free. While they will not negotiate prices on their jewelry, they might hire you. Bejewel, a jewelry store just across the street, will negotiate prices on top of their 10-15% student discount as they prepare to close their business. Xerxes and Susa Boutiques abide by a similarly flexible 10-15% policy.Negotiating may come into play at some shops, so keep your wits about you. Authentic Sneaker and Clothing Boutique doesn’t list a set discount, but according to employees it “usually” offers between 10-15% for 5C students. Piel Fina Skin Care, on the other hand, “usually does not,” but will take a discount into consideration depending on the student’s circumstances.


Claremont Hair Plus briefly offered a student discount of $15 a cut last year, but has now lowered all haircuts to a standard $15 price. Forte, the hair salon just next door, charges $20 for their student discount. Urban Renewal Salon takes $2 off haircuts and $5 off hair-coloring when presented with a 5C ID; in the end their student price is by far the most expensive, but hopefully they’ll give you a $5 gift certificate like they gave me.

Who offers the best discount in the village? Artist Trait Framing boasts a 15% discount off any purchase. Their blue 10% discount label is crossed out and rewritten for the 5C’s benefit.Where does that leave CGU and KGI? For current graduate students and future 5C alums looking for deals, act now. Fiore Wedding Company is located right on Harvard Ave. Gordien Real Estate, however, may or may not offer students a 10-15 percent discount on local housing.

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