KSPC Corner: November is Music Month

November is music month. This is not some official, government-declared distinction. In actuality, November is, among many other things, National Novel-Writing Month, Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, American Diabetes Month, and even the month dedicated to souls in purgatory by the Roman Catholic Church.But here in Claremont, November has been taken over by KSPC. Approved activities for music month include listening to music, writing album reviews, dancing wildly, and attending on-campus concerts. On Nov. 14 in Walker Lounge,Happy Hollows and Night Control will be taking over.This concert is sure to be a blast, as some of the most memorable KSPC blowout concerts of the past few years have taken place in Walker Lounge. Both Happy Hollows and Night Control are classified as noise pop acts, so the night should get pretty lively. Two Washington-based bands, LAKE and Karl Blau, will be playing Nov. 19. KSPC publicity director Aerienne Russell PO ’12 will be opening. The tone of the show will be relatively mellow, as all of the acts share a folky sound.Finally, KSPC will be holding socials at the station in Thatcher Basement, where everyone can come enjoy themselves, eat snacks, and listen to music every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for the month of November and, indeed, into December.The socials, arranged by different KSPC enthusiasts each week, vary in theme but are always a blast. A recent KSPC social involved epic games of SET and Jumbling Towers, piles of delicious snacks, and lessons about the history of Americana music as a genre. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the station or if you just want to eat and hang out, stop by on Thursdays.

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