Harvey Mudd, Pitzer, CMC release election results

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ASHMC election brings two new executive positions for fall 2023

This Monday, April 24, the Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College (ASHMC) announced the results of their executive board election in an email addressed to Harvey Mudd students.  

The organization’s executive board has previously been composed of eight members, but will be adding two new positions Muddlife Director and Athletic Director to be filled by five elected staffers next year. With these new additions, ASHMC’s executive board is expanding to nineteen staffers. 

About the student government’s vision moving forward, ASHMC’s mission states that the organization will “seek to empower our student body by increasing engagement, stimulating leadership, celebrating diversity and advocating for equality.” 

Current ASHMC Treasurer Henry Hammer HM ’24 released the names of the winners that will assume their elected positions this fall. Next semester, ASHMC will meet every Friday in the outdoor classroom in the Shanahan Center. 

TSL congratulates the winners and wishes them luck! The results are as follows:

President: Kayleah Tsai 

Senate President: Henry Hammer

Club for Activities Planning (CAP) Directors: Katie Baakkonen, Tia Tounesi and Arushi Malik

Club Directors: Lilly Lee and Jessica Huang

Diversity Directors: Ana Studart and Avani Anne

Social Directors: Talia Wigder and Sheridan Dorsey

Sustainability Director: Alicia Luo and Aly Sawyer

Wellness Director: Ruby Peterman

Muddlife Directors: Jee-In Kwon, Aditi Bonthu and Misk Nopo

Athletics Directors: Viviane Solomon and Osa Omoregbe

Pitzer Student Senate election annual voter turnout increases by almost 300%

On Saturday, April 15, the results of Pitzer College’s Senate election were published via email, announcing the student body’s representatives for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Lola Latan PZ ’25 is the executive branch’s new vice president of diversity. Latan described her priority goal to “normalize the experiences of the vast BIPOC, neurodivergent student population on campus” by creating programs that make the transition to college more manageable.

“[As a first-year,] I wish I [had known] what PERMs were, how to seek academic accommodations [and] how to plan out my tuition payments so I don’t get locked out of registration…” Latan said, “I plan on increasing preparedness for future classes so they know more about what to expect for the next four years.”

409 students voted in this year’s election, resulting in a 34.7 percent turnout — almost four times last year’s turnout of about 9.8 percent.

TSL congratulates the winners and wishes them luck! The results are as follows:

President – Sanya Dhama

Vice President of External Affairs: Richard Ampah

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Jasmine Ali

Vice President of Finance: Lila Feldmann

Vice President of Student Engagement: Siya Bhola

Vice President of Diversity: Lola Latan

ASCMC releases election results

ASCMC announced its officeholders for the next academic year in an email to Claremont McKenna College students on Friday, March 3. The winners were determined after a student vote that opened at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, March 2. 

Out of 1347 total ballots, 680 were submitted. This year’s 50.48 percent turnout rate is over a 25 percent decrease from last year’s election, which had a reported 75.57 percent participation rate. 

TSL congratulates the winners and wishes them luck! The results are as follows:

Student Body President: Zane Yamamoto

Executive Vice President: Kara Hagler

Vice President of Student Activities: Victoria Williams

Dormitory Affairs Chair: Adidev Jhunjhunwala

Senior Class President: D’Angelo Brown

Junior Class President: Ava Kopp

Sophomore Class President: Ryunosuke Nakase

The elected officeholders asked to postpone TSL’s request for further comment.

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