Fashion Bible: So you want to thrift in Claremont

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Hey Claremont, want to go thrifting? Did you know that our very own Claremont Village is the perfect vintage clothing destination? Maybe you have never been thrifting, and you’re wondering what the big deal is around shopping vintage. Why can’t we just stick to buying retail?

When you buy vintage, you’re investing in unique pieces that are usually not available for purchase on the retail market. Vintage pieces from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the 2000s are not produced anymore and, in my opinion, the modern remakes almost always miss the mark.

Another important aspect of shopping vintage is sustainability and the reduction of textile waste. By buying secondhand clothing that is already in circulation, you are avoiding investing money in mass-produced fast fashion. If we as a collective refuse to invest in fast fashion, then we can push back against the giant corporations that produce these garments.

Thrifting is also much more affordable than buying retail, and, if you’re lucky, there’s always a chance that you can find brand new, unworn pieces. So what is the point of paying double the price for a T-shirt that has been mass-produced when you can buy the same item for a fraction of the original price? A lower price point also allows you to experiment more with your style, as you don’t have to pay a fortune for clothing that may be a little out of your comfort zone. And, if you end up not wearing them, you can always donate them to charity, sell them or return them to the thrift store.

Are you convinced that thrifting is not only going to help you explore your style without breaking the break, but also cut down on the waste and emissions surrounding fast fashion? Then let’s take a look at some of the best local thrift shops in Claremont and find the one that would best suit your fashion needs.

Why not plan a day out with your friends to grab a coffee and indulge in some thrifting in the Village? Support our local, family owned businesses whilst also upping your fashion game and looking incredible in someone’s grandad’s clothes.”

Deelux: 224 N. Yale Ave

Deelux caters to a wide range of aesthetics, from true 60s vintage to boho, streetwear and modern pieces from the past five or so years. Personally, I go to Deelux when I am looking for interesting tops and blouses from the 90s and 2000s, and I have thrifted some of my favorite bags and shoes from there, too.

This thrift store has the largest range of items. In addition to clothing, they carry accessories such as scarves, hats, sunglasses, jewelry and bags, as well as shoes. There is also a section of non-secondhand products on sale such as novelty items, candles, cards and mugs, which serve as great birthday presents for your friends.

Item pricing varies based on brand and condition. This store has a section of designer and brand clothing, shoes, bags and accessories that usually go for $50 plus. Sometimes, these pieces are in perfect condition and are at much lower price than the original, so the investment could be worth it if you are looking for more high-end items. However, most garments and accessories such as pants, shirts, dress, skirts and bags go for anywhere between $10-$40.

Vintage Odyssey: 201 W. Bonita Ave

Vintage Odyssey is the best store if you are looking for a Y2K or 90s vibe. This store has an authentic, hand-picked selection of items from those eras that are in great condition. Vintage Odyssey also carries a small selection of graphic tees, but they have a smaller men’s section than Deelux.

Although this thrift store is the smallest out of the three on this list, they still carry some accessories, jewelry and bags. The highlights of their collection are trousers, coats and a wide range of jewelry. There is also a section of antiques and glassware, as well as some retail products like sunglasses and hair accessories.

My favorite aspect of Vintage Odyssey is their price point. This store definitely has the lowest prices, with trousers and dresses going for around $20. So, if you’re looking for authentic vintage on a budget, definitely head on over here.

Replay Vintage: 516 W. First St 

Replay Vintage caters more to the streetwear, Western and biker aesthetics, with apparel usually being from the 90s and earlier. This store has the widest men’s selection, and the vibe of the store will make you feel like you have been transported to the Wild West.

Here you will find vintage biker jackets, Harley-Davidson shirts, cowboy boots and workwear trousers. There is also an amazing selection of new sunglasses and silver jewelry, as well as belts and hats. If you are looking for a warm jacket for the upcoming winter season, this is the place for you.

This thrift store has the highest price range out of the three, with most items priced above $30. Although their collection is amazing, I have sometimes felt that the prices are a little unjustified. However, there is also a sale section, so with a little bit of digging, you can find something that is a little more affordable.

Why not plan a day out with your friends to grab coffee and indulge in some thrifting in the Village? Support our local, family-owned businesses whilst also upping your fashion game and looking incredible in someone’s grandad’s clothes.

 Elizaveta (Lisa) Gorelik CM’25 is from Moscow, Russia. She is a proud owner of a vintage Harley Davidson t-shirt collection.

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