Kayla Alcorcha named The Student Life’s editor-in-chief for fall 2021 semester

The new editorial board assumed its position the evening of May 9. (Courtesy from left to right: Jasper Davidoff, Kayla Alcorcha and Claire DuMont)

On May 9 at 11:59 p.m., a new editorial board officially took over TSL for the upcoming summer and fall 2021 semester.

Kayla Alcorcha SC ’24 was selected as editor-in-chief of TSL for the upcoming semester. Jasper Davidoff PO ’23 was named managing editor for news and sports, and Claire DuMont SC ’23 was named managing editor for life and style and opinions. 

A returning editorial board member, Alcorcha has served as managing editor for life and style and opinions during the spring 2021 semester. Prior to that, she worked as a life and style editor and was an editor of her high school newspaper, The Casa Revista.

“I’m proud to be part of the Claremont community,” she said. “Aside from rebuilding TSL as an in-person publication, one of my biggest goals as the next editor-in-chief is to hopefully inspire others. When I applied to be a writer for TSL last fall, I had no idea that I would be editor-in-chief a year later, but it’s a responsibility that I’m very proud to undertake.”

Alcorcha is a QuestBridge scholar, which she cites as a crucial part of her college journey. As a rising sophomore, she has stepped into the editor-in-chief role from a unique position, having never experienced an on-campus semester of college. 

“So far, I’ve only been part of TSL as a virtual publication, but it’s been a great experience,” she said. “Being on staff helped me meet so many talented and kind people during a year that was, for all of us, really difficult. I can’t wait to see what TSL becomes once we’re back in the office.”

“Kayla is the most simultaneously dedicated and compassionate person I’ve had the privilege of working with.” —Yasmin Elqutami PO ’22

Alcorcha succeeded Yasmin Elqutami PO ’22, who served as editor-in-chief during the winter and spring 2021 semester and had previously served as managing editor and life and style editor. 

“Kayla is the most simultaneously dedicated and compassionate person I’ve had the privilege of working with,” Elqutami said. “I’m impressed by the deft work she’s done in just a short time with TSL and know the leadership of the paper is in good hands.”

DuMont, the incoming life and style and opinions managing editor, is also a returning editorial board member, having served as managing editor for news and sports for the spring 2021 semester. Prior to that, she served as life and style editor and was a television columnist and editor-in-chief of her high school paper, La Vista.

“I am incredibly thrilled to be staying on TSL’s editorial board this semester, switching sections to manage life and style and opinions,” she said. “I am so proud of the amazing work the news section did this past semester writing coverage on the ever-changing guidelines and reopening plans.”

An English major, DuMont anticipates continuing to cover events as students return to campus life, this time from a life and style and opinions perspective.

“I am looking forward to managing Life and Style’s coverage of the transition back on campus and the events that come with it,” she said. “While I have not had the opportunity to be part of the opinions section yet as part of TSL, I am excited to manage the section next semester. I can’t wait for another great semester for TSL, hopefully one where we will all be able to meet in person.”

Davidoff, the incoming news and sports managing editor, served as news editor for spring and summer 2020 after his time as a news associate and writer, all the while creating the publication’s crosswords. 

“As we come back to campus after a year and a half, it’s an important time for us — a chance to really think about who we are and what we’re trying to do,” Davidoff said. “I’m focused on enabling us to serve the Claremont community as best we can: with thoughtful, in-depth coverage, holding our institutions accountable to student voices, highlighting the best that comes out of our campuses.”

Davidoff is looking forward to connecting with staff and helping cultivate an inclusive culture at TSL.

“I also want to engage our staff, new and returning, in understanding what sets us up to succeed as one of the 7Cs’ largest student organizations,” he said. “This semester, we’ll be a place where every student feels welcome and has the opportunity to be heard.”

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