TSL announces spring 2023 editorial board

Hannah Weaver SC ’24, Averi Sullivan PO ’23 and Gerrit Punt PO ’24 will lead TSL in the spring 2023 semester. (Courtesy: Malike Conteh)

Hannah Weaver SC ’24, Averi Sullivan PO ’23 and Gerrit Punt PO ’24 have officially taken over TSL as the newspaper’s editorial board for the spring 2023 semester. The trio was selected at the close of the fall 2022 semester and will help guide the paper for the next five months.

Weaver, named editor-in-chief, previously served as an arts & culture associate and columnist last semester. Prior to that, she worked for TSL as a news writer, news editor and sports editor and also as a copy editor for her high school newspaper.

“I love seeing the impact TSL has and the engagement we get from the 7C community and beyond,” she said. “TSL’s wide readership means that we have the ability to bring stories to light that might otherwise not be shared. TSL informs students what college administrations are doing, what events are happening and gives a space for students to have their voices heard. That is extremely powerful.”

A media studies and American studies dual major and a French minor, Weaver aims to continue shaping the newsroom into a rewarding experience for all who enter.

“TSL is as much a place to build career experience as it is a place to dive into personal passions,” she said. “I hope to build a community that is genuinely fun and that every staffer can get something out of.”

Weaver succeeded Jenna McMurty PO ’24, who served as editor-in-chief during the fall 2022 semester and who has previously worked as a news editor and writer for TSL. 

“Beyond her vibrant personality, Hannah brings an extraordinarily versatile background to the editorial board,” McMurtry said. “Having edited across three of TSL’s four desks, she is an immense talent and the paper is lucky to have her in a leadership role this spring. I’m looking forward to seeing where she takes TSL this semester!”

Sullivan, the new managing editor for news and opinions, spent the previous semester as an intern at the “Rachel Maddow Show” and “Alex Wagner Tonight” with MSNBC. Prior to that, she served as an arts & culture staff writer and senior news writer at TSL. A PPE major with a concentration in politics, she is coming into the position with one main question: “how can TSL go further as a newspaper?” 

“Whether it be contributing more hard-hitting opinions, uncovering untold stories of Claremont’s underrepresented communities, or challenging the status quo of the way we storytell, I’m always interested in pushing the boundaries of what we know and what we can do as a club,” she said. 

Sullivan is excited to harness the community she has found during her time at TSL to provide the same support to the next wave of TSL staffers.

“I am overwhelmed by the amount of love, encouragement and support I’ve had from the wonderful students at TSL and the work we’ve been able to accomplish together over the years,” she said. “I’m so excited now to give back the love that was given to me.”

Punt, the new managing editor for arts & culture and sports, previously served as a section editor for arts & culture desk last semester. Prior to that, he served as a columnist for arts & culture.

“The more I got involved at TSL, the more I found myself loving the people here and the work we do, and I kept wanting to get more and more involved with it,” he said. “The deeper I wormed my way into TSL, the more rewarding it got, and so I just kept worming.”

Punt is a media studies major looking forward to building on previous TSL initiatives while opening the paper up to new realms.

“The previous Ed boards put a lot of great things in motion at TSL, and I want to keep the momentum of those things going of course, but I also want to help work towards opening TSL up to some new mediums (perhaps jumpstarting a podcast or some video content),” he said. I also want to strengthen the (already very strong) Arts & Culture and Sports sections, and increase 5C community engagement with TSL.”

The spring 2023 editorial board took office at 11:59 p.m. Dec. 16 and is currently planning the 12 issues published weekly over the course of the spring semester.

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