Colleges update grading policy for 5C consistency

An open notebook lays in front of a laptop that displays a Sakai launch site.
5C grading polices are being updated for parity across the consortium. (Justin Sleppy • The Student Life)

This semester, transcripts across the Claremont Colleges will look a little different — but the policies they follow will now be the same across schools. The consortium is aligning its grading policies, with Scripps College, Pomona College and Claremont McKenna College joining the other 5Cs in adopting a 4.0 grade point average system.

The change is in effect for this fall, and was announced in an email to Pomona students on August 20 and Scripps students on August 23. The colleges previously used a 12 point GPA scale, in which students had to divide by three to calculate a GPA under the 4.0 scale recognized by many graduate schools and employers. The change is to a more “conventional” grading scale, according to the Scripps email, and allows a consistent grading system across all 5Cs.

Pomona also announced in the email that an A+ is “no longer an available grading option” on the grading scale. In the past, an A+ grade showed “superlative achievement and [was] rarely given,” according to the Pomona catalog, but it did not add points to a student’s GPA.

Pass/no pass, or P/NP, will be used to refer to courses like P.E. and internships that do not use letter grades, previously referred to as pass/no credit, according to the email. 

According to a Scripps email sent to students August 23, a D- is now the lowest passing grade for Scripps students in any class, a policy already existing at the other 5Cs.

Pass/no pass classes will still require a minimum C grade to receive credit. Students can also earn a High Pass in these courses.

In letter-graded courses that students request to take without a letter grade, grading will be marked as credit/no credit. Students also have to earn a C in order to get credit for courses they choose to take credit/no credit.

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