Claremont McKenna to temporarily furlough staff if students don’t return in spring

Claremont McKenna College is planning staff furloughs if students do not return to campus for the spring 2021 semester. (Anna Choi • The Student Life)

Claremont McKenna College will start implementing temporary staff furloughs in December if students do not return to campus for the spring semester, President Hiram Chodosh announced in an email to students Monday.

CMC has kept staff fully employed for the fall semester and taken steps to mitigate financial consequences by reducing operational budgets, executive salaries and retirement benefits. The college has also drawn on the “strong financial resources of the college to cover additional, significant funding gaps,” according to Chodosh’s email.

“However, as we communicated at the beginning of the fall semester, if we cannot open our residential campus for the spring, we will need to implement temporary furloughs in December,” he said.

CMC said it would attempt to limit the negative effects of furloughs on staff members.

“In preparation for this potentially necessary, unfortunate outcome, we will also look to you for help and support in our concerted efforts to limit adverse financial impacts on our highly valued staff,” Chodosh said.

The email did not specify how many workers would be furloughed or which departments would be affected.

Pitzer College is the only other 5C to not furlough staff members for the fall semester. 

Pomona College partially furloughed 110 employees and fully furloughed 154 employees, Scripps College partially furloughed 59 employees and Harvey Mudd College furloughed an unknown number of employees.

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