You asked, we answered: Is Claremont Crushes ghosting us?

(Marc Rod • The Student Life)

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Question: “What happened to Claremont Crushes?”

Though it appears the widely-loved Claremont Crushes Facebook page, which boasts over 2,800 likes, is now defunct, new pages are seeking to take its place.

Claremont Crushes, created Sept. 26, 2016, provided a platform for 5C students to anonymously share compliments and crushes for fellow students, according to the page’s About section. The original page published its 5,891st and final post May 6, ending its nearly three-year run. 

The page’s lack of activity since has sparked curiosity among Claremont students about the fate of the page and its administrator. TSL was unable to confirm students’ speculation on Facebook that the page’s administrator graduated last spring.

But in an effort to fill the gap left behind, two Claremont students have independently started similar pages: Luv in Claremont and Claremont Crushes II.

“I was really sad that [Claremont Crushes] was clearly not functioning this year, which is why I reached out to the administrators so many times,” the creator of Luv in Claremont said via message. “Claremont Crushes gave me hope for a long time that there was love on this campus — that people really did fall for each other, especially when I felt really lonely on campus during my first two years here.”

They recalled a time during their sophomore year when they were going through “one of the hardest times in my life” and someone wrote a Claremont Crush about them.

“I was on a scooter and couldn’t walk for six months and was very depressed, and someone said the kindest things about me,” they said. “And it reminded me that I was still me, and that people appreciated me for me.”

They plan to “evolve [the page] with the needs of the campus and emphasize values of inclusivity and love of all forms.”

Claremont Crushes II, on the other hand, sticks more faithfully to the image of the original page. It retains the same profile picture and much of the biography of the former page. Numbering for new posts will continue where the former page left off — starting at 5,892.

“I think [Claremont Crushes] was great on the whole, providing a lot of positivity and support to people,” the creator explained via message. 


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