ASCMC eliminates ticket charges for all school-wide events

A photo of McKenna Palooza featuring an artist at the front and a large group of students in the audience
Claremont McKenna College will no longer charge students to attend on-campus parties. (Courtesy of Glen Matheny)

ASCMC is eliminating ticket charges for all school-wide events in the 2019-2020 academic year, ASCMC President Dina Rosin CM ’20 announced late Sunday evening. 

ASCMC has historically charged between $15 to $30 for tickets to popular school-wide events like Monte Carlo and Wedding Party, Rosin said in a press release. 

“If we want the social scene at [Claremont McKenna College] to truly be inclusive, then a crucial step is to fully remove the financial barrier to entry,” Rosin said.

ASCMC plans to offset ticket fees through a new budget enlarged by recently-raised student fees, an ASCMC endowment recently established by ASCMC Chief Financial Officer Max Dawson CM ’21, and requests for financial contributions from other 5C student governments, among other channels, according to Rosin.

The move is part of a broader initiative by ASCMC to advance inclusivity in CMC’s community and promote social justice at the college, Rosin said. Students have frequently requested the ticket fees be eliminated, and many current members of ASCMC’s Executive Board campaigned on the idea.

But ASCMC doesn’t have a big enough budget to fully fund all campus events, Rosin said. Paid ticketing will remain in some form for senior class events such as 200 Days, 100 Days and the Las Vegas class trip. 

ASCMC will heavily subsidize these events using class funds allocated within its budget, though. Rosin further pledged to proactively inform students about alternative forms of payment.

“It is the mission, and fundamental purpose, of ASCMC to fight for student interests,” she said. “I hope students continue to feel empowered to bring ideas and concerns to members of ASCMC with the confidence that these concerns will be heard and addressed, as we want to continue fighting for a more inclusive CMC.”

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