EDITORIAL BOARD: As 5Cs mourn, lean on those around you

More than 500 students attended a vigil at Claremont McKenna College’s Butler Plaza Feb. 27 in remembrance of Jeremy Peterson and Eric Cramer. (Talia Bernstein • The Student Life)

Over the past week and a half, the death of two Claremont McKenna College students has shaken the 5C community to its core.

As journalists — and more importantly, student journalists — on these campuses, we have the responsibility to inform our community about what is happening around us. With these tragedies, and any other event on campus, the public has a right to know the truth and how it may affect them.

Nothing about reporting this tragic news has been fun. As students and members of the 5C community, we mourn alongside our peers.

We, too, feel deeply for those suffering from these events.

And we stand in solidarity with those directly affected.

That being said, we still have a job to do — a job we take very seriously. We cover important stories, whether they’re happy or sad, serious or lighthearted, affect all students or just a few.

While it’s difficult to cover losing two of our own, it’s something we’re obligated to do.

One of our missions is to represent student voices. Not doing so would be a disservice to our readers and journalism in general.

Reporting on these tragic events is how we serve our community in trying times. Not only do we cover the tragedies, we also highlight how the community responds.

This week, our front page story shows how the Claremont McKenna College community is rallying to support one another. We wanted to devote the main section of our newspaper to telling this story — to reflect how 5C students, and specifically CMC students, have come together during this hard time.

The resilience of the community has amazed us, and it reflects the communal spirit of the 5Cs.

When tragedies like these occur, it hits the Claremont Colleges especially hard, given how small and connected they are. Many people know each other, and during hard times, it can be difficult to carry on.

However, that closeness also gives us our greatest strength. Nowhere else is there a college community as connected and involved in each other’s lives as we are here.

In these terrible moments, we have the opportunity to lean on those around us — friends, administrators, professors, RAs, student governments and student leaders.

No matter where you turn at the 5Cs, people are available to support and care for you. We urge everyone to lean on the people around you.

Hug your friends, tell them you love them and find those who need support. There is a wealth of resources around us everyday — please, make use of them.

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