Annual Sanskriti performances dazzle 5Cs at Big Bridges

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When Princess Anjali’s coronation ceremony is interrupted, she and her sister Naina find themselves embroiled in a story of romance, deceit and betrayal. This is the storyline that runs throughout Sanskriti, a vibrant and energetic show celebrating South Asian culture.

On March 28, the South Asian community of the 5Cs and friends came together for the annual night of dance, song, poetry and — of course — romance. This year’s show was the most diverse in history, with Bollywood, Punjabi, South Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and classical Indian dances.

Classical Indian dances were featured in the Natya, while other performances incorporated medleys of Bollywood music and Western pop. The Bhangra was lively and dynamic, and the poetry piece was endearing and sentimental. Harvey Mudd College, Claremont McKenna College, Pomona College and Scripps College also each had a school dance with their respective students.

The performers all donned traditional costumes and jewelry, and the show was enhanced by the colorful backdrops and lighting. As always, the emcees delivered cheesy commentary throughout.

The performers’ enthusiasm was palpable, resulting in an evening full of entertainment.

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