5Cs to continue placing students in off campus housing

A person stands in front of a large orange apartment building called "Claremont Collegiate Apartments".
A pandemic induced housing shortage has forced the 5Cs to house some students off campus for yet another academic year. (Anna Choi • The Student Life)

As the academic year began coming to a close and housing draws for the next academic year took place across the Claremont Colleges, some of the 5Cs announced that students will still need to live in college housing off campus due to continuing housing constraints on campus. 

Claremont McKenna College said in March that 97 students would need to live in the Alexan Kendry apartments, about a mile south of campus in nearby Montclair. When only 78 chose the AK apartments as their top housing choice, the Dean of Students Office and the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College jointly decided to randomly allocate the remaining 19 spots to students from the class of 2025 and class of 2024. 

ASCMC clarified in a March 31 email to students that no exemptions were being made for anyone in the classes of 2024 and 2025, and that all current first-years and sophomores were being placed in the lottery, with the exception of those who voluntarily chose to live in Kendry.

Some CMC students reacted negatively to the news. Gina Gerrardino CM ’24 told TSL that she felt that her random selection for Alexan Kendry was unfair because the dean of students didn’t take into consideration her recently diagnosed ADHD. 

While living on campus this year, Gerrardino said she could make the relatively short trip as needed back to her dorm if she forgot required items for class, or get to class relatively quickly by foot if she found herself late. But she feels that her lack of a personal vehicle and having to depend on the shuttle may worsen these issues, which may in turn negatively affect her academic performance. 

“I feel like I will be less connected to the CMC community,” Gerrardino said. “One of the main reasons I decided to attend CMC is because of the tight knit social community I was promised, and being placed in AK pulls me out of that community.” 

Scripps College will not be placing students in off-campus housing and will instead let them choose to live at Scripps-acquired off-campus housing.

“This year, we are accepting returning students’ requests to live at CCA, with pre-placement, to help offset and provide more on-campus options for other students,” Scripps spokesperson Rachael Warecki said. “CCA rooms not assigned during pre-placement will return to the pool for room selection.”

In addition to Claremont Collegiate Apartments, Scripps said last week that students will also have the opportunity to live off-campus at College Park. They will receive perks such as a $200 Amazon gift card, paid Instacart subscription and a Green Bike through the Scripps Green Bikes program, among other incentives. 

Pomona College will also place some students in off-campus housing at Oasis Apartments, Director of Housing and Operations Frank Bedoya said in an email to students. Studio apartments will serve as double-occupancy rooms, while two bedroom/two bath apartments will serve as triple-occupancy spaces. Students were also offered the opportunity to choose Oasis during room draw rather than receive deferred housing during room draw.

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