5Cs admit class of 2027

A drawing of five various colored envelopes from each of the 5 C’s. Each says the college’s name and “Welcome!” on it.
(Ella Lehavi • The Student Life)

This March, the 5Cs sent offers of admission to thousands of students for the class of 2027. 

Harvey Mudd College was the first 5C to release its regular admission decisions on March 1, followed by Pomona and Scripps College, who announced their decisions on March 17. 

Pomona reported that of the 757 applicants admitted, the students comprise 48 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, and 50 other countries. Pomona’s newly admitted class is also the most diverse in the college’s history, with 62.5 percent domestic students of color, 14.3 percent international students, and 23.1 percent first-generation college students.

Pomona admits’ first choice majors distribute fairly evenly between humanities, interdisciplinary fields, natural sciences and social sciences. (JJ Hoffman • The Student Life)

Pitzer College released its decisions on March 20, admitting 567 students from 38 states, including the District of Columbia and 25 other countries. Pitzer’s acceptance rate was 15.9 percent this year, a drop from the 17.5 percent acceptance rate of the previous year. 

Pitzer’s admitted class of 2027 is 47.6 percent students of color, 8.6 percent international students and 14.8 percent first generation college students. In comparison, the class of 2026 had more students of color and international students, with 49.5 percent and 9.3 percent respectively. However, the class of 2026 had less first generation students — 12.3 percent. 

Pitzer’s class of 2027 hails from 26 countries. (JJ Hoffman • The Student Life)

Pitzer is operating under a test-free pilot policy until 2025, which means that the admissions office does not consider standardized test scores. The college has been test-optional since 2003. 

A week after Pitzer, Claremont McKenna College sent its decisions to students on March 24. Harvey Mudd, Scripps, and Claremont McKenna have not yet reported any data on the makeup of their admitted classes.

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