Breaking down 5C student government budgets

Graphic by Meghan Joyce

Ahead of April budget hearings for 5C clubs, which will give campus organizations the chance to pitch 5C student governments on funding for next year, TSL examined current budgets for each student government and broke down how they’re allocating their money.

ASPC had the biggest budget — $545,000, according to the organization’s website. Pomona College’s student government spent the largest chunk of its budget, nearly 45%, on programming and operations, which includes big-dollar items like the Pomona Events Committee ($105,000) and a security fund ($30,000).

Additionally, ASPC spent more than $80,000 on 5C organizations and nearly $50,000 on Pomona-only clubs. Top-funded Pomona organizations were Pomona Mock Trial ($8,500) and the Draper Center ($8,300), a center for fostering community partnerships. The most-funded 5C groups were TSL ($8,000) and KSPC ($6,500).

ASCMC clocked in next, with a budget of $342,004.94, according to the Claremont McKenna College student government’s records. Campus organizations was the single largest allocation for ASCMC, at $121,998.94 — close to 40% of the budget.

The most-funded CMC clubs were The Outdoor Initiative ($11,000), CMC’s outdoor programming group, the Asian Pacific American Mentor Program ($9,995) and CMC’s Mock Trial team ($7,500). Specific 5C club spending details were not disclosed in the official budget.

ASCMC’s student activities fund, which mostly goes to CMC parties like Wedding Party ($29,800) and Monte Carlo ($21,000), was slightly smaller than the campus organization budget, at $121,766.

Graphic by Meghan Joyce

ASHMC closely followed ASCMC, with an annual budget of $328,606.60, according to the Harvey Mudd College student government’s records. The most-funded area for it, at nearly 31% of the total budget, was Mudd clubs like Black Lives at Mudd ($7,800), the Asian Pacific Islander Sponsor Program ($4,990) and the Society of Professional Latinx in STEM ($4,581).

ASHMC spent $17,711 on 5C organizations, but did not provide a full breakdown.

Pitzer Student Senate had the next biggest budget at $270,000, according to a senate bill passed in April. The Pitzer College student government allocated the largest part of its budget, 63%, to “line items,” including its budget committee ($45,900) and several hundred dollars to various hall councils.

Additionally, Pitzer Student Senate gave $81,141 to Pitzer College-only clubs and $19,409 to 5C organizations.

The Grove House Committee ($9,000), Pitzer Outdoor Activities ($8,000) and Pitzer Advocates ($7,708) received the most money among Pitzer-only clubs. Outside of Pitzer, both KSPC and the Claremont Climbing Team were allocated the biggest sum ($1,200).

SAS reported the smallest budget with $200,000, according to SAS co-treasurer Romanshi Gupta SC ’19. TSL was unable to obtain a more detailed breakdown of Scripps College student government’s budget by press time, but $161,813 of its budget stayed within Scripps this year.

SAS’ top-funded Scripps groups were The Scripps Voice ($11,500), the Scripps yearbook, called La Semeuse ($10,000), and the Scripps mock trial team ($9,100). Outside Scripps, TSL ($2,500), the 5C women’s rugby team ($2,300), KSPC ($1,700) and On the Loose, the outdoor programming group ($1,700), received the most SAS funding.

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