Halloweekend at the 5Cs offers sweets and spooks

Dancers wearing black and red attire perform.
From haunted houses to dance performances, a wide variety of events celebrating Halloween were hosted across the 5Cs. (Courtesy: Riki Imai/CCBDC)

The 29th through 31st of October is a weekend of candy, costumes and carving pumpkins — also known as Halloweekend. This year, Halloween took on an added dimension of importance for 5C students, as it was the first weekend when many COVID restrictions surrounding events and parties were lifted. This gave the student body a unique opportunity to celebrate both the recommencement of 4C-wide events  — due to the fact that Harvey Mudd College hosted separate Halloween events —  and the ever-popular holiday of Halloween. 

The itinerary of events did not disappoint. Celebrations started on Friday, with a costume making session at the Hive. Whether you wanted to make those final costume alterations or to whip up something from scratch at the last minute, you could find all the materials and inspiration you needed at this workshop. It was a life-saver for all those creative enough to put together their costumes first-hand. Jacinda Lee PO ’24 was grateful for all the materials available.

“I thought it was fun and nice to have all the stuff there instead of having to get it myself at the last minute,” she said.

Friday held even more spooky surprises. A masquerade performance and open dance workshop put on by the Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company (CCBDC) delighted audience members and dancers alike. The night began with social dancing at 8 p.m., offering participants a great way to socialize and practice samba at the same time. This was followed by a performance from the CCBDC, in which all got to witness the company’s skill and performance ability. Iris Ducker SC ’25, who attended the event, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

“It was really fun,” she said. “I loved the variety in dances and costumes and I think all of the dancers did an amazing job.”

For those looking for something more cinematic, the Gold Student Center was hosting Pitzer’s “Haunted Halloween Movie Night,” where the 2012 horror film “Sinister” was showing. This was also an opportunity for free drinks and snacks to munch on while being frightened.

More traditional Halloween fare included Pomona’s Haunted House, hosted by the Pomona Events Committee. The tour began at the entrance to the Rose Hills Theatre, and featured rooms inspired by “Scream,” “Us,” “Stranger Things” and “The Purge.” 

“Even though the line was extremely long, it was worth the wait,” said Lilly Haave PO ’23, who attended the haunted house. “The actors were all very talented and prepared.” 

The haunted house even included student volunteers who donned their best Halloween costumes and makeup to frighten all those that dared to enter.

“I really enjoyed doing the haunted house,” said Taylor Tsiamas SC ’24, a student actor at the haunted house.  “I had never acted in one before, and I had a lot of fun. My favorite part was definitely interacting with the guests. I really loved seeing the different reactions, whether they were cowering or laughing or playing along with us.

On Saturday, Halloween Eve arrived. The night’s biggest event was the Halloween Party at Pitzer, the first 4C event since students have returned to campus. The party included a live DJ and lots of candy, and was a great way for students to celebrate the evening together. For many, the party was a welcome event after lockdown. 

I think because everyone has been kept inside for so long with COVID, especially for Halloween, people really went all out this year.”—Nina Mizrahi SC ’25

I think the party was a great success, because so many people were talking about it, and so many people showed up,” Nina Mizrahi SC ’25 said. “There were so many really creative, funny, interesting costumes that I saw. I think because everyone has been kept inside for so long with COVID, especially for Halloween, people really went all out this year.”

Then came the day itself: Halloween. The Gold Student Centre at Pitzer hosted a Halloween pumpkin carving event, providing participants with pumpkins to carve and apple cider to drink. Such events were welcome, especially for those who had not yet had spent Halloween at the Claremont Colleges, like Kaitlin Elisabeth Kiesel PZ ’24. 

We all really enjoyed the event,” she said. “I personally had a great time watching everyone carve pumpkins and make new friends. There was a great turnout, there was so much positive energy and everyone seemed happy to be there. This was my first Halloween on campus and I have to say, given that we are still dealing with COVID, it was much better than expected.”

The Halloween festivities even included an archery event. This was hosted by the 5C Archery club, where archers of all skill levels, fully dressed for Halloween, demonstrated their skills at Arce Field, from 3-5pm.

Thus ended 2021’s Halloweekend. However, for all those that love to get in the Halloween spirit, the fun still continues. Without a Box is hosting an improv event entitled Halloween Hangover on Nov. 5 for all those who are in the mood for some post-spooky-season laughs. Visit @withoutaboximprov on Instagram for more details and to continue the Halloween spirit well into November.

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