Fall 2019 Staff

Editorial Board 

Editor-in-Chief: Meghan Bobrowsky

Managing Editor for News and Sports: Marc Rod

Managing Editor for Life & Style and Opinions: Mabel Lui


News Editor: Jaimie Ding

News Editor: Julia Frankel

News Associate: Jasper Davidoff

Editor-at-Large: Kellen Browning

Life & Style Editor: Amber Chong

Life & Style Editor: Yasmin Elqutami

Opinions Editor: Donnie Denome

Opinions Editor: Eamon Morris

Sports Editor: Laney Pope

Copy Chief: Mady Colantes


Production Editor: James Karsten

Senior Design Editor: Helena Ong

News Design Editor: Sam Bovard

Life and Style Design Editor: Grace Sauers

Opinions Design Editor: Margot Mafra Spencer

Sports Design Editor: Cameron Tipton


Photo Editor: Talia Bernstein

Photo Editor: Justin Sleppy

Graphics Editor: Anaga Srinivas

Business, Web and Communications

Business Manager: Chris Murdy

Business Manager: Melinda Ximen

Development Manager: Whitney Wachtel

Social Media Manager: Katie Niver

A group of around 80 TSL employees sitting and standing in the TSL office.
TSL staffers in the fall of 2019.