Weekend Desert: Lack of Eateries at Pitzer

Are you a Pitzer first-year? Have you been a resident at the Claremont Colleges? Do you have a car, or are stuck on a campus Mindful of the Future?

If so, this article is for you. You have chosen to call Pitzer your new home for the next four years. You’re part of a larger community, the interconnection of the Claremont Consortium, and will discover more about who you want to become at the Orange Tree institution. You’re going to have a blast of fantastic experiences, some of which will involve exploring the campus’ culture. And one of the best parts of Pitzer’s campus is its amazing food!!

Pitzer’s food is awesome. Who can get enough of those Grove House cookies and egg sandwiches, or coffee and hot chocolate at the Pit Stop, omelettes at McConnell, vegan desserts to grilled cheese sandwiches at Shakedown?

If you’ve spent a weekend on campus, you’ve probably taken a dip in the GSC pool, or had a sweat-session at the gym. Afterwards, you’re probably craving a Pit-Stop break or a Grove House treat before enjoying the rest of the beautiful day on campus. Pitzer’s dining hall, McConnell, serves food to brunch and dinner on the weekends, but the other on-campus eateries are closed for the weekend. A walk to the village is pretty far from Pitzer.

So, why are the non-dining hall eateries on campus closed? Most of the staff in our on-campus eateries are students themselves. Students and general workers need some time off over the weekends. So as a first-year without access to wheels, you’re most likely going to head to McConnell or search for a vending machine when your stomach starts to rumble.

If you’re looking for a change from the dining hall, there are other cafes open across the 5Cs. You can’t go wrong with the merchandise and menus at The Hub at CMC and Pomona’s Sagehen Cafe, or a pizza and pool table game from Jay’s Place at Harvey Mudd. Don’t forget Scripps’ The Motley Coffeeshop nearby!

With parts of Pitzer’s campus closed, lights off, shadowy and dark in the mists of the day, can there be a light switch back on, a chance for student work-, work study or not?

There is only so much time to experience the awesomeness of Pitzer College…why don’t we have extended hours especially on weekends? Profiting from food sales and filled tummies on the weekends will benefit both the students and the college from more time open for these popular eateries.

Earlier this semester, I stopped by CMC to say hi to Mr. Eddie Huang. He’s also a big foodie, and has a strong distinct backing for everything centralized around culture.

As Huang once said in his Bay Area Huang’s World episode,

“Food is like a great gateway drug into any foreign culture. You can consume it and it's like the base level you can share with people.”

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