In Pictures: How the 5Cs Heeded Trump’s Victory

Since Nov. 8, students, faculty, staff, and community members from across the 5Cs have expressed a myriad of emotions and responses to the presidential election of Donald Trump. TSL photographers documented the reactions of students watching live election results Tuesday and the community discussions, forums, demonstrations and rallies held in the days since the poll results were announced. This photo essay will be added to and expanded as community responses and action continue.

In this photograph, Lusajo Mwakibete PO ’19 skateboards past a flag outside the Smith Campus Center at Pomona College. (Liam Brooks • The Student Life)

Voters cast their ballots in Edmunds Ballroom, the polling location for many members of the Claremont community, early Tuesday afternoon. (Meghan Joyce • The Student Life)

A student wears an American flag at an election night viewing party held on Parents Field at Claremont McKenna College. (Meghan Joyce • The Student Life)

Students watch as CNN calls Ohio for Donald Trump at a viewing party in Doms Lounge at Pomona. (Liam Brooks • The Student Life)

Political mascot balloons reflect the breezeway lights late Tuesday night at CMC. (Meghan Joyce • The Student Life)

A student holds their breath as the CNN Projection intro comes on screen in Doms Lounge. (Liam Brooks • The Student Life)

Just after Trump won the election, dozens of students gather in Marston Quad to attend “Scream at the top of your lungs,” a Facebook event created when Trump took an unprecedented, and likely insurmountable, lead in electoral votes. (Liam Brooks • The Student Life)

A Trump mask burns outside Big Bridges Auditorium around midnight on Tuesday. (Samuel Breslow • The Student Life)

At 2:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the Hub Grill at CMC had cleared out, quiet but for one television still tuned to CNN. (Liam Brooks • The Student Life)

With a pull of this ribbon, these balloons were meant to drop on Tuesday night, if the New York Times called it right. Less than 24 hours before this photo, the multipurpose room at Pitzer’s Gold Student Center was host to a viewing party. But on Wednesday, the balloons still hung above the meeting, a floating elephant in the room. (Liam Brooks • The Student Life)

By Wednesday morning, statements from campus administrations began to land in email inboxes. And by the afternoon, events began, from healing spaces to community meetings and calls to action. In this photo, students listen to each other’s reactions to the election in a community healing event at Pitzer College. (Liam Brooks • The Student Life)

Pitzer President Melvin Oliver listens to the open-mic section of Pitzer’s community meeting. (Liam Brooks • The Student Life)

Less than an hour later, another Claremont College president spoke at another community meeting. Pomona President David Oxtoby took the podium in front of the Pomona community to show support for students. (Liam Brooks • The Student Life)

Attendees of the Pomona all-campus gathering listen to speeches at Marston Quad. (Liam Brooks • The Student Life)

Giovanni Ortega, an assistant professor of theater and dance at Pomona, speaks at the gathering. “This is our country,” he told the crowd. “Our struggles of our past are not the reason for us to retreat. It is the reason for us to hold each other, hand in hand, arm in arm. It is not the reason for us to say ‘I am defeated.’ It is the reason for us to stand up and say, ‘I am here.’” (Liam Brooks • The Student Life)

The final minutes of the Pomona event are led by Carolyn Ratteray, an assistant professor of theater and dance. She took a more positive tone with an activity centered around bodily presence, concluding with a massive reach to the sky. (Liam Brooks • The Student Life)

As audience members raise their arms, some clench their fists and some keep open hands. It was 5:00 p.m. — 15 hours after Hillary Clinton conceded the election. (Tim Hernandez • The Student Life)


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