Pomona Announces Stricter Guest Rules

Pomona College students looking to bring non-5C guests to Pomona events will encounter heavier regulation, the college announced Sept. 18. The change, which requires that all guest passes be granted by Pomona and restricts off-campus guests to Friday and Saturday events, highlights the variances between guest policies across the consortium.

The college is updating procedures for registering non-5C guests due to
“an increase in serious policy violations committed by non-Claremont
College guests at or immediately following our social events,” according to an email sent to the student body by Chris Waugh, Associate
Dean of Students and Director of Smith Campus Center (SCC). 

“It wasn’t that
there was this big wave of guest violations or violations involving guests,” Waugh said in an interview. “But
we were finding … that there were a number of cases
when we weren’t able to identify guests who may have been involved in policy
violations. And so what we are looking to do is to strengthen our guest policy
to give us a better ability to identify guests.”

While the college formerly accepted guest passes granted by the other 5Cs, it will now only accept
guest passes from Pomona. Passes must be obtained through an SCC building manager, who will take a photo of the guest. Before, students were able to get guest
passes at Residential Advisors’ desks as well, and photos were not required. 

The stipulation that off-campus guests are only allowed to events on Friday and Saturday, which joins Pomona’s current ban on registered alcohol events between Sunday and Thursday, means students
will not be able to bring guests to
on Thursday nights.

“I think we should be able to register guests for weekday parties,” Peyton Holm PO
’18 said. “Some of my friends might be busy
during the weekend, and if they come up during the week there’s no reason they
shouldn’t be able to come.”

Even though each
of the 5Cs has a different procedure regarding guest registrations, some
administrators are considering moving
toward more unity. According to Scripps College Student Activities Coordinator Evetth Gonzalez, colleges will be discussing possible changes in the coming weeks. Gonzalez said
that this does not mean that the colleges will have a uniform set of
procedures but rather that they
are simply seeking to find “some major things that we can come together on.”

“I definitely think that students get frustrated because our
social scenes are pretty fluid … They
go in thinking that it’s a certain way because their school does it a certain
way, but then they find out it’s not,” Gonzalez said. “We want to reduce frustration from students, but we also
want to make sure we’re following the best possible safety procedures.”

Scripps allows guest passes from all 5Cs, but
according to Gonzalez, the
college is “revisiting” this policy. Guests must be registered through an online form, and
students must accompany their guests to an in-person registration before the
party where the guest will show a photo ID
to get a wristband.  

At Harvey Mudd College,
the guest pass allows one guest per student, according to Associate Dean of
Students and Dean of Campus Life Chris
Guests must also be registered
through an online form, open until the end of the night before the event, and
show a
photo ID upon arrival at the party.

“It was pretty straightforward,” said Annalise Schweickart HM ’18,
who registered a friend’s guest for the Foam party at HMC.

Angela Wu, a graduate
intern for Sundberg, stressed that
students registering guests need to be ready to accept
responsibility for the actions of their guests.

“It’s like at the airport; you wouldn’t take care of
someone’s luggage that you don’t know,” she said. “If you don’t know someone,
don’t register them with your ID card.”

Pitzer College
Director of Student Activities and Orientation
Alayna Session-Goins said
that anyone is welcome to Pitzer as long as he or she is carrying a government-issued ID and presents a guest pass.

“That’s our policy,” Session-Goins said. “In practice, Pitzer wants our events to
be open to students. We don’t want them to be exclusive. Most of our approach
to our events is that we don’t have fencing around them because we want students
just to be able to come. There’s not usually a point at which
they need to show their ID, unless they’re over 21 and wanting alcohol.”

Jennifer Lesorogol PZ ’17 said
that she is happy with the current policy.

“I think that as long as it’s working and everyone is
staying safe that it doesn’t really need to change,” Lesorogol said. “I also think a big
contributing factor is that we don’t serve alcohol at many events.”

Claremont McKenna College’s
requires guests to provide a government-issued ID and
be on the
online guest list for the given event or
present a guest pass from the host institution. In an email to TSL,
Dormitory Affairs Chair Elaine Sohng CM ’17
wrote that she looks forward to a unified guest policy in the future.

“There have been security issues in the past at CMC parties,” Sohng wrote. “I think that a unified guest policy could be a great idea
and I hope that ASCMC and DoS [Dean of Students] can explore that in the future.”

Waugh said that the
new procedures are meant to benefit the Pomona community.

“Our goal is to
create a safe environment … not only for guests, but especially for student
unity,” Waugh said. “And we’re also open and interested in feedback and ideas … We would like
to hear how it’s going from students.”

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