Editorial Board

Hello Claremont!

The Student Life welcomes you to a new school year in Claremont and a new volume of TSL. We're excited to bring you—students, faculty, staff, administrators, and the whole community—as much information and as many stories about the Claremont Colleges as possible this year. Starting today, we will print every Friday of the semester and report on the arts, sports, opinions, and news of the whole consortium.

One of our foremost goals at TSL this semester is to expand our in-depth reporting to truly cover the entire consortium. We have always striven to cover all of the 5Cs, but we know we can always improve the breadth and scope of our reporting. This goal does not simply mean covering the administrations and student governments of different schools; it means hearing from community members of different perspectives and beliefs, and talking to people from different places and with different academic interests.

We are focusing and directing our reporting this year to better meet this goal. In the News section, we have assigned reporters to cover the student governments of all 5Cs and have reached out to students and administrators on each campus. The Opinions section will have biweekly forums for spirited discussion on particular topics of interest around the campuses. In Life and Style, we have reached out to international students and 5C students studying abroad to get a perspective on life from outside the Claremont bubble. Hopefully we can learn about and improve the Claremont Colleges by hearing from people who come from many countries and have had unique experiences around the world.

Not only do we wish to engage our readers with nuanced and in-depth reporting, present opinions from across a spectrum of ideologies, and represent the incredible diversity found on the 5Cs, but we also hope to hear from you on the issues that we cover on these pages, as well as any that we may have missed. The editorial board welcomes letters to the editor in response to what we have published, as well as submissions for Opinions pieces throughout the semester. 

Every semester provides a new opportunity to improve ourselves and to help make our community a more inclusive and knowledgeable one. This is not only a new beginning for first-years, transfers, and exchange students. It is an opportunity for all of us to engage with new ideas and new people. TSL is committed to making the most of this opportunity, and we hope to help make the 5Cs a more informed, more cohesive place.


TSL Editorial Board