Senate Briefs

Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC)

On Feb. 22, 2016, Betsy Crighton, vice president for Academic Affairs and dean of the College, and Fernando Lozano, associate dean of the College, acting diversity officer, and associate professor of economics, met with ASPC Senate and want to bring a diverse group of faculty to campus. They are trying to recruit an exceptional group of faculty that will be more diverse and want more student input on current faculty. Students can aid the process by focusing on inclusivity in letters if asked to recommend a faculty member to Wig Awards and other faculty critiques. They can also enroll in an Analyzing Difference course to show faculty that they care about these subjects as this is a new requirement going forward that took 10 years to pass. A 5C Senate, Associated Students of the Claremont Colleges (ASCC), is in the works that would encourage unification between the colleges. ASPC Senate discussed the plausibility of a 5C budget, resolution passing, discussing forums on campus issues, sharing of work through committees, and so on. ASCC could be a good way to check positions amongst senate positions but could hinder power of each individual college.

-Sophie Janssen 

Scripps Associated Students (SAS)

At the Feb. 21 Scripps Associated Students meeting, $1500 was requested for a 5C Mental Health Alliance event featuring Esme Wong as a speaker, to be organized by a Scripps College student. SAS approved the provision of $1000 along with a contract to host the event on Scripps’ campus to encourage Scripps student participation.

$1000 was requested to finance an online subscription to the Los Angles Times for every Scripps student, which would follow the model of USC, UCLA, and CMC. The proposal was deferred to the Career Planning & Resources office.

Additionally, the results of a survey regarding the restructuring of SAS was discussed. Results included raising the pay for certain positions and dissolving others. Some new positions were proposed as well.

-Sean Ogami, based on meeting minutes

Associated students of Harvey Mudd College (ASHMC)



At the Feb. 19 ASHMC Senate meeting, senators discussed the massage and yoga program. Massages have been very popular, so Senate wants to continue funding for the whole semester. Last semester Harvey Mudd College also began offering free yoga classes which have also been a success. Senate approved funding of $1200 for massages and $200 for yoga for the rest of the semester. The Senate also discussed Honor Board Working group, which met last semester to discuss the student handbook and to work on getting more faculty "to use and trust the honor code." Finally, the Senate talked about the proposed Living Learning Community (LLC)--implementing a contract for students to sign after they are accepted to the LLC, choosing a new name for the LLC, and other regulations.

-Lauren Ison, based on meeting minutes