Claremont Colleges Move Fall Registration Day Earlier

The fall registration time for the first-year class has been changed uniformly across the 5Cs and will go into effect beginning with the class of 2019. Registration has previously taken place on a Monday, but registration for the fall 2015 term will take place on Sunday, Aug. 30.

Unlike other class years, first-year students are required to wait until they arrive on campus to enroll in classes for the fall semester. Changing the date from Monday, the day before classes start, to Sunday, is hoped to provide students with more time between class selection and the first day of fall courses. 

Pomona College registrar Margaret Adorno wrote in an email to TSL that having this extra time is important for students. New students—first-year, transfer and exchange students—will be able to use the day after registration to make section switches, buy textbooks, respond to approved permission-to-enroll requests (PERMs) and talk to students who have previously taken those classes.

5C registrars initiated this proposal of an earlier registration date. According to an email to TSL from Charlotte Johnson, vice president and the dean of students of Scripps College, the implementation was expanded to include the 5C registrars, Academic Deans and Deans of Students.

“All were supportive and some hope that the date change for registration can be moved even earlier at some point in the future,” Johnson said.

The extra day will give first-year students more time to settle into their new environments.

“It still won’t be possible for students to know 100 percent which classes they might eventually get into, because faculty often aren’t able to assess full demand for courses until at least the first class meeting,” Adorno wrote. “But it will go a long way toward helping the dust settle a bit before classes start.”

Reflecting on her first-year experience, Saida Barka PZ ’15 said she supports the change.

“I think this change will benefit freshmen because when I was a freshman I felt a bit overwhelmed,” Barka said. “I remember I didn’t have the time to get all of my books before classes began. This extra day will allow freshman to be more settled in a new college environment.”