Pitzer Student Senate Briefs

TSL’s Pitzer College Senate reporter arrived to cover this week’s Sept. 29 meeting only to discover that the senators had been at a retreat all day, forgoing their regular meeting. Student Senate Chair Nicolás Romo PZ '14 wrote in an e-mail to TSL that almost everyone was at the retreat but a TSL journalist, whose invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Approximately 40 senators, Pitzer President Laura Skandera Trombley, and nine other administrators attended.

Romo wrote that senators and administrators alike praised the retreat for the opportunities it afforded senators to “establish relationships with the administrators.” (What kind of relationships, our absent reporter will never know.) He added that for this semester, the Senate decided to focus on promoting student engagement on campus; recommending changes in housing and meal plan policies; expanding the Senate’s presence; and creating new Pitzer traditions. (Read: daily Smoke Force, sponsored by Senate?)

Romo wrote that the retreat concluded with “a nice and delicious dinner” and encouragement by Carlisle “to continue and establish Pitzer Traditions.” How lovely. Our reporter only wishes that she could have been there.