Ye Olde Student Life

This week in “Ye Olde Student Life,” we journey back to the very first issue ever published—in November of 1889. Then called The Pomona Student, it featured the following from a column called “Locals,” which was full of snippets of news and trivia about the goings-on on campus (then just one building for living, eating, and classes) and in the budding Claremont community:


Who ate the pie?

The German A class has begun Schiller’s “Wilhelm Toll.”

There are about sixty students here this term.

“First heavy rains in October since ’49,” says an old timer.

There seem to be several professional dishwipers in the school.

A small rattle snake has been killed in Prof. Norton’s front yard.

The Christian Association has purchased hymn books for the Chapel.

A snake having eleven rattles and five feet long, so the story goes, was killed lately on Warren Avenue.

Nearly twelve dollars has been collected among the students for beautifying the parlor and making it more home-like.

We are sorry that the horses require so much exercise that the young gentlemen are obliged to be out with them into the small hours of the night.

The holiday, Oct. 30th, was fully appreciated by the students. Those who went to the picnic in Live Oak Canyon have another pleasant picture to “hang on memory’s walls.”

Quite an accident occurred lately, from which we are happy to say, there were no serious results. Miss Garrison while riding Mr. Hildreth’s Bonita lost her balance and fell, without disturbing in the least the equanimity of the pony, who pursued her onward way to the wash. The descent was graceful although undignified.

The fact that Pomona is a prohibition town makes the number of bottles brought away from the drug store by a few of the students one Saturday evening look rather suspicious. To redeem the reputation of the college it may be said that the next day Claremont Hall was redolent with camphor and arnica.

Compiled by Clara Shelton PO ’14.